Animal Welfare in Greece

Photo from HydraArk

This is an informative page of animal welfare groups in Greece. By law, the municipalities and local authorities are responsible for the stray animal population in Greece. However, over the last 50 years, the groups and animal NGO’s in Greece have offered invaluable help towards the animals while the state has been both completely absent and hostile towards volunteers and animals. In recent years has been noted some small improvement from the state but only just slightly.

The idea behind this page is that you may find easier an animal group on the area in Greece that you are visiting.

The list is not complete and will not include any group that exists in Greece. I will include only groups that I have met personally and appreciated them for their compassion and impeccable work on protecting and saving animals in Greece.

The list will be enriched on an on-going style.

I do not collect money for any organisation listed here. If you wish to donate or help in any way the animals of Greece and the groups, please visit their website. Thank you!





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