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Greek Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Kalamata town in the Peloponnese (Koroneiki Olive variety)

Minerva Olive Oil is a Great Greek Family Choice – 100% virgin

Another Masterpiece of Olive Oil from Kalamata. Buy 2 and Make a Friend of yours very happy.

Greek Honey

Fine Greek honey from Attica with varieties of Greek thyme, wildflowers, and herbs

World Famous Ikarian Honey in a large jar

This specific Red Fir region in Pindus Mt is known for its richness of a wide range of herbs and flowers

For Lunch Break

Sultana varietal grape leaves filled with long-grain Italian rice

A Taste of The Variety of Greece’s Fine Cuisine

Organic Halva with Honey, organic tahini (sesame seed paste) and organic honey

Greek Tea

Fresh Organic Greek Mountain Tea with a heavenly aroma and delicious final tea beverage.

A lovely and wonderful hand-picked Mountain Tea from Taygetus Mt.

A delicatessen, special taste tea only from Greece!

Greek Coffee

Aromatic Greek Ground Coffee Papagalos Traditional 2 Pack

No need to know how to brew Greek coffee with this automated Greek coffee machine!

Decaf Greek Ground Coffee Papagalos Traditional 2 Pack