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Me exploring Meteora Monasteries

Hello! I am Evgenia, a travel blogger, a serious hiker, and an animal lover.

Travel the Greek Way is a travel blog on experiencing Greece in more local ways and practice new adventures not always associated with Greece like hiking or mountaineering.

Short Bio

I am currently based in Athens, Greece but was born in Stuttgart. When I was four, we returned to Athens where I grew up.

In 2002,  I moved to Maastricht where I lived for a couple of years. I had a great time, Maastricht is sooo beautiful but was missing good old Greece, so I was back in late 2004.

Winter hiking on Elikonas Mt.

Sometime in 2011, while Greece was in full blast crisis,  I decided that I need more formal education. I applied to Greek Open University, got a BSc in Business Administration in 2016  and an MSc in Strategic Management in 2019 from Kapodistrian University in Athens.  

Around 2010 I started hiking and biking going all around Greece, exploring this stunning country.

And the Travel the Greek Way was born!

During the lockdown, stressed about the future and the gloomy global situation, I decided that I should be kept busy by sharing my hiking experiences in Greece.

Greece is not famous for hiking, and I would like to help spread out the news that we have the most amazing trails, on the mainland and Greek islands alike.

Today, I have more than 3500 km of hiking under my belt and I hike at least once a week. I also believe that we all have a moral responsibility to the future generation to preserve and protect nature so all my hikes are “leave-no-trace-behind”.

The Greek Way takes an active interest in responsible tourism towards local society members, humans, environment and animals alike.

What is Miss Kitty doing on Acropolis?

Travel the Greek Way

I do love all animals, even the weirdest ones. So, when I see a cat or a dog or a hen or… whatever animal, I take a photo of it.

You can also find information on animal welfare groups in Greece on a dedicated page.

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Best wishes and health to all, wherever you live on this planet!

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