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Drafting the Perfect Itinerary for Greece!

Dreaming of a Greek adventure tailored just for you? Look no further!

I’m Evgenia, your Athens-based guide to crafting the perfect itinerary for the Greek mainland and islands. ✨ Whether you crave turquoise waters and island hopping, ancient wonders, or a mix of it all, I’m here to make your dream trip a reality. ⛵️️️

  • Sailing the Aegean? We’ll find your ideal island chain and arrange unforgettable boat trips.
  • Beach bumming bliss? Crystal-clear shores and hidden coves await in Greek islands and the mainland.
  • History buff? Journey through time at iconic archaeological sites.
  • Seeking it all? Let’s combine your passions into a unique adventure!

Planning a trip can be overwhelming, but I’m here to make it smooth sailing. All it takes is a few details from you, and I’ll weave them into the perfect Greek adventure!

Simply fill out the short form below:

  • Share your travel dates and group size.
  • Tell me your interests – beaches, history, sailing, or a mix?

My magic kicks in then! ✨

  • I’ll research, check timetables, and find the best deals.
  • My network of experts helps curate unique experiences.
  • You’ll receive a draft itinerary tailored to your desires.

Ready to skip the planning stress? Fill in the form!

(In case you haven’t heard from me in 24 hours: 1. I haven’t received the form for some reason 2. I may have replied but it has ended up in your spam or promotion folder if you use Gmail. Please check your spam inbox, thank you for your time!)

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