Nafplion is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Greece. As it is located deep in the Argolic Gulf in the Peloponnese, Nafplion gives the sense that you are on a Greek island that looks a lot like Plaka in Athens.

What to do in Nafplion, Syntagma square
Nafplion Main Square

Nafplion became the first capital of Greece right after the end of the War of Independence against the Ottomans in 1821. Before that, Venetians, Franks, Romans, and the ancient Greeks left their impressive cultural traces on Nafplion.

Nafplion picturesque alleys
Nafplion picturesque alleys

The charm of Nafplion is enhanced by its three imposing Castles, the narrow cobblestone alleys with neoclassic mansions covered in bougainvillea, the modern and stylish hotels, and the traditional taverns.

Main Nafplion Shopping Street with flowers
Main Nafplion Shopping Street

As if that wasn’t enough, Nafplion is located close to some of the most important archaeological sites in Greece: Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Tiryns, Argos, Nemea, and Epidavros Sanctuary.

Whether you’re planning a romantic retreat for Valentine’s Day or a single weekend or full-scale summer or winter vacation, treat yourself to a visit to Nafplion’s dreamy and historical destination in Greece.

Neighborhood in Nafplion
Neighborhood in Nafplion

You can go to Nafplion by public bus (KTEL from Kifisos in Athens) but the easiest way is to either rent a car and drive through the Peloponnese or book a private transfer from Athens airport to Nafplion.

Up next I am going to tell you about 14 of the best things to do in Nafplion, Greece!

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Best Things to Do in Nafplion Greece

1. Wander in Old Nafplion Alleys

Picturesque Nafplion Alleys with people sitting at tables and a couple walking
Nafplion Alleys

The old part of Nafplion is car-free so strolling is one of the best things to do in the town. Some parts of Nafplion are connected with stairs that lead to higher neighborhoods of the town.

Steps leading to Nafplion Hills and colorful housed
Steps leading to Nafplion Hills

The narrow alleys house tourist shops, cafes, taverns, the koboloi (beads) shops, bars, and hotels in a harmonious sequence. Nafplion has many neoclassic mansions, built between 1828 and 1920, some of them quite impressive, that are used today as hotels, shops, or residences.

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2. Have a Greek Coffee at Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the main square in Nafplion, paved in marble and surrounded by popular restaurants and cafes. You will also find Greek banks, the Archaeological museum loaded with ancient artifacts, and the Vouleftikon building, an Ottoman mosque that served as the first Greek Parliament.

The Archaeological Museum in Nafplion Greece with people walking
Archaeological Museum in Nafplion

Meters away from Syntagma Square stands another Ottoman mosque that is used nowadays as an events center under the name Trianon while right across stands the Xenon Inn Hotel, a beautiful boutique hotel, housed in an impressive historic building and with breathtaking views of the Palamidi Fortress.

Vouleftikon Nafplion
Vouleftikon Nafplion

A pedestrian-only area, Syntagma Square is the heart of Nafplion, and everyone, both locals and visitors will pass by the square at least once a day.

Trianon mosque with Palamidi castle  in the background in Nafplion Greece
Trianon mosque with Palamidi in the background

Find a table, order your first Greek coffee (I always take it with some sugar), and enjoy the view of the people wandering about.  

3. Walk up to Palamidi Fortress

Part of Palamidi Fortress in Nafplion Greece
Part of Palamidi Fortress

For a little extra adventure and aerobic exercise, walk up the 857 steps to the Venetian Fortress of Palamidi built in 1687. The tradition says that there were 1000 steps but Kolokotronis’ horse – Kolokotronis was one of the leaders and a general of the War of Greek Independence – knocked down one step, and now 999 steps remain (remains historically unexplained why the horse destroyed the step 😀 )

Interior of Palamidi castle in Nafplion Greece
Interior of Palamidi

If climbing all those stairs sounds like a huge task – I have done it and then my legs were shaky for quite some time from the strain – then consider taking a taxi to the top or booking a professionally guided tour of the Fortress.

Interior of Palamidi castle in Nafplion Greece
Palamidi Fortress

When you reach the top of Palamidi Fortress, let the spectacular view of Nafplion, Acronafplia, and the eastern Peloponesse amaze you. Don’t miss visiting the imposing bastions, the historic church of Agios Andreas, and the impressive reservoirs that still collect the rainwater of the hill.

Palamidi castle  in Nafplion Greece
Palamidi in Spring by Lily Kamou

General Entrance €4, Open Daily between 08:00-18:00. Take with you your sunscreen, hat, and a bottle of water.

Nafplion Marathon Tip: Every March Nafplion town organizes a running event that includes a Marathon, a half marathon as well as shorter distances. Register and find out more about this sport event here.

4. Take the Boat to Bourtzi Castle

The Bourtzi Castle in Nafplion
Boat trip to Bourtzi Castle

Take the small boat from Nafplion’s port on a few-minute trip to Bourtzi Castle, Nafplion’s famous landmark. Built by the Venetians in 1473, underwent various additions and alterations by all the conquerors of Nafplion.

 Interior of the Bourtzi Castle in Nafplion Greece
Interior of Bourtzi

Enjoy the stroll around the small castle and take photos of Nafplion from its Bourtzi’s top terrace.

5. Go to Acronafplia Castle and swim on Arvanitia beach

nafplio in the Peloponnese aerial view

The rocky peninsula of Akronafplia (the Acropolis of Nafplion) was the walled settlement of Nafplio from antiquity until the end of the 15th century.

Acronafplia castle in Nafplion Greece
Part of Akronafplia and Xenia Hotel

Short History of Akronafplia

  • In Akronafplia you will find traces of a prehistoric settlement, while in the western part of the acropolis, parts of its ancient polygonal walls are from the 4th century BC.
  • In 1210-1212, the Franks occupied Nafplion and started building the walls and the castle
  • The castle was taken by the Ottomans in 1540 and renamed Its Kale(Iç Kale)
  • The Venetians overtook the Ottomans in 1686 (in 1687 they bombarded Acropolis Hill in Athens)
  • The Ottomans reoccupied Nafplion in 1715 and
  • Finally, in 1822 it became Greek territory again
Nafplion and Aegean Sea views from Akronafplia
Nafplion and Aegean Sea views from Akronafplia

In 1961, the Xenia Hotel was built in Acronafplia, a very ambitious state-financed touristic plan that went bankrupt and closed by the end of the 70s. The relic still exists in Akronafplia and awaits the Greek authorities to decide upon either being demolished or rebuilding it.

Nafplion Greece and Akronafplia castle walls
Walls of Akronafplia

The Xenia hotel overlooks the popular and easy-to-access beach Arvanitia, where you also see traces of the old Xenia beach facilities.

Arvanitia Beach and old hotel Xenia in the back
Arvanitia Beach and Xenia are in the back

The waters are clear although I prefer to swim to Karathonas Beach, which is some 2 miles down the coast (see activity 8).

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6. Enjoy the beautiful Sunset at Arvanitia Promenade

The Arvanitia Promenade in Nafplion Greece
The Arvanitia Promenade, Nafplion

The “Promenade of Arvanitia”, is the favorite walk of Nafplion residents. The promenade starts after the end of the beach and ends at Arvanitia Square, at a total distance of about one kilometer.

The Arvanitia Promenade in Nafplion Greece
The Arvanitia Promenade

The whole route is dominated by the rocks of Acronafplia with its imposing walls and wonderful views of the Argolic Gulf.

The Arvanitia Promenade in Nafplion Greece
The Arvanitia Promenade

Just before the middle of the promenade, you will find the small church of Panagitsa, or Santa Maria Della Grotta, a favorite pilgrimage for both the inhabitants and its visitors. I really love this walk, especially when the sun sets, it is one of the most romantic things to do in Nafplion!

7. Stay in 3 Sixty Hotel & Suites 

Nafplio 3 sixty hotel at night
3 Sixty Hotel & Suites Exterior

Why should you stay in this beautifully renovated neoclassic 4-star exceptional hotel? For three main reasons:

3 Sixty Hotel & Suites boast classy spacious rooms with linens and regal furnishings that remind us of Nafplion’s old charm and rich history.

3 Sixty Hotel & Suites room in Nafplion Greece
3 Sixty Hotel & Suites room

It has some of the best chefs, specializing in premium, organic meat and Greek cuisine with a twist, and has a fantastic wine list to choose from.

Dish in 3 Sixty Hotel & Suites restaurant in Nafplion Greece
Dish in 3 Sixty Hotel & Suites Restaurant

It is centrally located, within walking distance of all the best things to do in Nafplion.

8. Hike the Karathonas Beach to a Remote Chapel

Karathonas Beach in Nafplion Greece
Karathonas Beach

At the Arvanitia parking lot starts a beautiful trail going all the way to Karathonas Beach, which is two miles east of Nafplio.

Karathonas Beach in Nafplion Greece
Karathonas Beach
Karathonas Beach with small fishing boats in Nafplion Greece
End of Karathonas Beach

The coastal trail is very easy to follow with fantastic sea views. Karathonas sandy beach is where most of the locals go, there are cafes and four fish tavernas to have lunch or have a beer looking at the beach.

Karathonas Beach Church of Agios Constantin in Nafplion Greece
Karathonas Beach Church of Agios Constantin

At the end of the beach, there is the white Church of Agios Constantin. Wander in its yard and the nearby houses where people and many cats live.

Trail to Agios Nikolaos Chapel with yellow flowers and daisies in Nafplion Greece
Trail to Agios Nikolaos Chapel – Didier Somasset

If you continue a few meters toward the main road you will see that another trail begins. If you follow this easy and short trail – and undeniably this is by far my favorite hike in Nafplion – you will get to the small seaside chapel of Agios Nikolaos Krasoktistos.

 Agios Nikolaos Krasoktistos church  by the seaside of Nafplion Greece
Agios Nikolaos Krasoktistos church

You don’t want to hike to Karathonas? Take a taxi to drive you there, it is very close to Nafplion.

9. Discover the Leon of Bavarians

Leon of Bavarians in his eternal sleep in Nafplion Greece
Leon of Bavarians in his eternal sleep

Between the church of Agion Panton and the current cemetery of the city, you can visit a monument of exceptional art sculpture, and one of the most important art items of the 19th century in Greece, known as the Lion of Bavaria, dating from 1840 to 1841.

Memorial Plaque for the Bavarian Germans in Nafplion Greece
Memorial Plaque for the Bavarian Germans

The sculptor of this beautiful monument is the German Christian Ziegel, who was the first professor of sculpture at the Technical University of Athens. The model for Ziegel’s work was the Lucerne Lion by the famous Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.

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10. Visit the UNESCO Archaeological Site of Tiryns

Mycenean Acropolis of Tiryns in Nafplion Greece
Mycenean Acropolis of Tiryns

8 km far from Nafplion lies the World Heritage Mycenean Acropolis of Tiryns.

You will see the Western Bastion which is an exceptional achievement of Mycenaean architecture, the famous Cyclopean walls that raise the question even today about their size, the Lower Acropolis, and the Geometric Temple.

Mycenean Acropolis of Tiryns in Nafplion Greece
Tiryns domed road

According to mythology, the king of Tiryns Eurystheus ordered the feats of the hero Hercules. The finds from the excavation of Tiryns are exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and the Archaeological Museum of Nafplion.

Mycenean Acropolis of Tiryns in Nafplion Greece
Tiryns internal walls

The Site is open daily between 8.00-20.00. The usual ticket costs around €4 but if you get the combo ticket which is €20 you can visit within 3 days the sites of:

  • Archaeological site and Museum of Mycenae
  • Byzantine Museum of Argolida
  • Acropolis of Tiryns
  • Archaeological Museum of Nafplio
  • Palamidi Fortress
  • The archaeological site of Asini

You may also enjoy the Mycenean Palace of Nestor in Pylos.

11. Stay in Amymone Suites overlooking Nafplion Coast

Amymone Suites room in Nafplion Greece
Amymone Suites room

The Amymone Suites is simply a gorgeous hotel. The rooms are so beautifully decorated that it makes you sad to leave the room!

Nafplio Amymone hotel breakfast
Nafplio Amymone Hotel Breakfast

However, I love this hotel for less artistic reasons and more for the delicious, fresh, homemade, huge, and mouth-watering breakfast they serve! Their breakfast is really unbelievable and another reason to spend a lot of time at the hotel.

Check availability and prices in Booking.

 National Gallery Building in Nafplion Greece
National Gallery Building

The National Gallery is housed in a beautifully renovated neoclassical building and keeps a large and quite unique collection of paintings and rifles of the heroes and events of the Greek War of Independence of 1821.

National Gallery Exhibits in Nafplion Greece
National Gallery Exhibits

Ticket: €3 (general admission), every Monday free. Open Mon., Thu., Fri., Sat. 10: 00-15: 00, Wed. 10: 00-15: 00 & 17: 00-20: 00, Sun. 10: 00-14: 00, Wed. closed

13. Have a Traditional Greek Meal at the Palm Promenade

Nafplion port with palm trees and a fishing boat
Nafplion port with palm trees

Walking towards the Nafplio seaside part, you get to a series of paved areas where you can have a very romantic meal.

The walking area has many cafes, restaurants, and fish taverns to choose from, and it is adorned with beautiful palm trees, giving Nafplion seaside an exotic Miami-kind look.

14. Explore Nearby Nafplion Sites

Russian dock Beach on Poros island Greece
Poros Island

If you are staying longer in Nafplion then you will be spoilt with the choice of what else to do:

  • Go to the small traditional village of Tolo for a swim and Greek old-fashioned taverns
  • Visit the Sanctuary of Asklepios in Epidaurus. From Epidaurus, you can drive to volcanic Methana and hop onto Poros island.
  • Travel to Archaeological sites of Mycenae and Nemea
  • Go all the way south to Porto Heli, jump on a ferry, and spend a day or two on Spetses island
  • And if you are up for a bigger adventure, Sparta, Mystras, and Monemvasia will definitely thrill you
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How to Get to Nafplio from Athens

There are public buses from Athens going to Nafplion but I always get around a new area with a rental car as it offers the freedom to explore Nafplion and tour the region in depth.

Alternatively, book a new Mercedes private transfer from Athens airport to Nafplion with the professionalism and expertise of Viator’s local tourist agents.

Interactive Map to Nafplion

Get your interactive map of Nafplion here, to drive to any of the places listed on our things to do in Nafplion.

Nafplion Google Map
Nafplion Google Map

Where to Stay in Athens

Looking for the Best Hotels near old Athens Plaka and Acropolis Parthenon?

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How to Get to Athens Port (Piraeus) from Athens Airport

  • Bus: If you are arriving at Athens International Airport you can travel straight to the port by taking the X96 express bus (€5.5, children <6 yo, free entrance), which departs every 40 minutes and the average trip lasts 1 hour – runs 24/7.
  • Metro: (€9 ) is easily found across airport arrivals (blue line – M3) going directly to Piraeus port. The average trip to Piraeus lasts 1 hour.
  • Taxis are available in front of the airport (around €40 to Athens, €55-60 to Piraeus (depending on the traffic in Kifisos), and take up to 3 or 4 people with small luggage)
  • Rent a car with Discover cars to rent reliable new cars at affordable prices
  • You don’t like driving but love hassle-free solutions? Book a Private transfer with an English-speaking driver from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Ferries, or anywhere else in Greece
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