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Me at Epidavros Theater

One Sunday morning I decided that I would like to visit the Asklepion Sanctuary in Epidavros on a solo trip. This wasn’t my first visit to the area, I just wanted to explore further the villages and the sites.

Asklepion Sanctuary in Epidavros or Epidaurus is a UNESCO-listed site and can be found in Argolis (Argolida) region in the eastern Peloponnese.

Asklepion Sanctuary was the most important religious and healing center in ancient Greek and Roman times. The Sanctuary had developed pioneer methods for healing and treating their patients: theater, athletics, swimming, music, reading and even performing basic operations.

 Epidavros Sanctuary is considered to be the birthplace of modern medicine.

© De Agostini/Getty Images/ The Sanctuary in Epidavros

On your way to Epidavros, there are other significant sites that you can visit in the Peloponnese:

Nafplion Greece colorful houses
Nafplion picturesque houses

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Quick Epidaurus Reference

How far is Epidaurus from Athens?

If you travel straight to Epidavros from central Athens, it is 137 km (85 miles) – I also stopped at the Corinth Site which adds about 7 km to the route – and most of the road is a speedy highway. There are 2 tolls between Athens and Corinth (around €2 each).

If you are traveling to Epidaurus on a Friday, you may find some traffic in the area as Epidaurus Theater performances are a frequent reason for Athenians to combine it for a long weekend trip.

If driving is not your thing, there are KTEL public buses leaving from Kifisos Bus station a few times per day all year round.

A private tour to Epidaurus, customized to your wishes with a tailored itinerary and a professional, English-speaking driver (with some live commentary on the road), is the most carefree choice.

Nea Epidavros Village

If you choose to drive to Epidavros, then right after Corinth Canal you should take road number 10, (EO Isthmou Archaias Epidavrou).

This is a smaller road that passes from the Isthmia Archaeological site, Kechries ancient port (the port Apostle Paul left Corinth), many summer resorts, and all the way to Epidavros you enjoy a magnificent route with impressive sea views.

Nea Epidavros Square

The first village you find closest to the Sanctuary is Nea Epidavros village, spread on the mountain overlooking the sea.

Note: It can be a bit confusing but there is Nea Epidavros village and Palaia Epidavros village and the Asklepion Sanctuary of Epidavros.

Polemarcha Beach

Worth visiting sites in Nea Epidavros are:

  • The remains of a Venetian castle on top of the village
  • The First National Assembly Square and Museum: in 1822 Nea Epidavros housed the first assembly of the legislature of the new Greek state
  • The Nea Epidavros main beach with the fresh seafood taverns
  • The Polemarcha beach, which in my opinion is the best beach in the area with the beautiful chapel of Panagia Polemarcha hidden among the olive trees

Palaia Epidavros Village

Palaia Epidavros

Palaia Epidavros is the next village you find on your way to the Askleipion Sanctuary in Epidavros and the prettiest of the three villages we will discuss in this post.

Palaia Epidavros is built around a small port in a lush green peninsula. One of the best things to do is to stroll on the lovely seaside promenade, especially during the summer when all the locals sell their fresh goods like oranges, wine, eggs, and honey.

Besides the port and the seafront seafood taverns you shouldn’t miss visiting Palaia Epidavros:

Small Theater of Epidaurus
  • The Ancient Small Theater of Epidaurus (2.000 people capacity), was built in the 4th century BC in honor of the god Dionysus. Every summer it hosts important events and plays. The site has free entrance
  • The Mycenaean Cemetery with 15 domed Mycenean tombs(no road signs, you will have to ask the locals or use google maps to find it)
Sunken Ancient Ruins
  • The Sunken ancient Roman ruins on the Kalymnios beach – take your goggles with you!
  • Kalamaki pretty beach
  • Seaside Mouria Tavern with fresh fish and traditional Greek cuisine
Mouria Tavern

Asklepion Sanctuary in Epidaurus

Epidaurus Sanctuary © Edo Peloponnisos

Leaving behind Palaia Epidavros and taking the local road 70 (EO Argous Archeas Epidavrou) for about 16 km, you get to the main Archaeological site of Epidavros.

There is vast free parking in front of the entrance, leave it wherever you want, preferably under the shade of a tree, if it is summer.

There is an entrance fee for Epidavros Sanctuary of 12 euros (1 April – 30th of October) and 6 euros for the rest of the months.

Fast Facts for the Asklepion Sanctuary of Epidavros

Theater of Epidaurus
  • Apollo Malateas god was worshipped and had its sanctuary in the same area before Asklepios cult was established
  • Asklepios was a son of Apollo and the god of medicine in Greek Mythology
Palaestra – Wrestling School

The Sanctuary of Asklepios covers a vast area, comprised of many classical Greek masterpieces: The Theater, the Tholos, the Temples of Artemis and Asklepios, the Enkoimeterion, the Palaestra, and the Propylaea, all surrounded by a beautifully preserved natural landscape

The Sanctuary is the earliest organized sanatorium and hospital. The theater was used for both entertaining and therapeutic reasons. The (wise!) Ancient Greeks believed that the arts had positive effects on man’s health.

The striking theater of Epidaurus was built in 340 BC and can seat about 12.000 spectators. It also housed the musical and dramatical competitions that were devoted to Asklepios.

It is notorious for its perfect acoustics and is used every summer for the Athens – Epidavros festival where high-caliber performances can be watched here.

Epidavros Performance © The Toc
  • Byzantine Emperor Theodosios banned all pagan activities including the Sanctuary in 426 AD
  • In 1881 the Greek Archaeology Company started excavating the area
  • It was reused as a theater again in 1938 when Katina Paxinou performed Elektra ancient play of Sophocles
Epidavros Festival in 1956
  • In 1955 the Athens – Epidavros Festival was officially launched where plays are performed both in Athens (Odeon of Herodes Atticus) and Epidavros. Find your favorite performance and book your ticket early on the official site of Athens and Epidaurus Festival here
  • In the Archaeological Museum of Epidavros, you will see important findings from the excavations on the site.  Among the most important exhibits is the entablature of the Temple of Asklepios (380-375 BC), the entablature of the Temple of Artemis (370-310 BC), and the statue of the god Asklepios (copy).
  • At the 5th c BC impressive stadium, the ancient Greeks were organizing athletic races to honor the Asklepios god and entertain the patients
  • Tholos or Thymeli, a circular building with subterranean corridors, is considered to be the most perfectly round building in Greek architecture. It was built intentionally round because the ancient Greeks believed that the round shape helped the patients to focus inward and proceed with the healing.

The renovated Stoa of Avaton or Enkoimeterion, where the patients were first cleansed with water from the holy well, spelled on the ground, and god would appear in their sleep treating them or suggesting the best treatment for their health problem.

Stoa of Avaton or Enkoimeterion
Stoa of Avaton or Enkoimeterion

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The Lygourio Village

Lygourio village

Lygourio is just 5 km far from the Archaeological Site of Epidavros and this is where everyone goes for dinner after the night theater performances are over.

There are quite a few taverns with great traditional Greek food with the most notorious of all being Leonidas (you will need to have reserved a table for Leonidas).

Besides the taverns, during the day you can visit:

  • There are about 50 churches in Lygourio but 12 of them are very old Byzantine chapels
  • One of the best Museums of National History in Greece exhibits more than 6.000 minerals, fossilized tree trunks, and insects, ammonites, mineral crystals are some of the exhibits (Mondays closed, entrance fee 2 euros)
  • The remains of a pyramid, built around 4th c BC (there is a better pyramid preserved in Elliniko village near Argos)
  • 10 km far from Lygourio towards Nafplion you will find the Mycenean Bridge of Kazarma from 1300 BC, which is considered the most ancient bridge in Europe.

Where to Stay in Epidavros


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When is Best to Go to Epidavros

Palaia Epidavros seaside aerial view

The Asklepion Sanctuary in Epidavros is open throughout the year – except Christmas, Easter, and Greek National Days, from 8.00 am-5 pm in the winter and 8.00 am-8 pm during the summer.

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