The Best 4-Day Itinerary in the Peloponnese

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A journey in history and traditional Greece

This is a multi-day Itinerary in the Peloponnese starting from Athens and with a variety of sites to visit.

FAQ on Peloponnese Region

Gytheio – A seaside town in the Peloponnese

In what condition are the roads to all those sites?

All the main roads are modern 3- lane motorways in perfect condition with tunnels and resting points as you travel. However, the local smaller roads can be quite tricky with (some or a lot of) unlit mountain roads with frequent hairpin turns, at least part of the way.

What is the terrain like in the Peloponnese?

It is probably the most fertile area in Greece with many rugged mountains and deeply indented coasts.  Mount Taygetus in the south is the highest mountain in the Peloponnese, at 2,407 meters (7,897 ft)

It also has many broad valleys, rivers, lakes, endless fields of grain and vegetables intertwined with citrus plantations, and miles and miles of olive groves. The olives of Kalamata are considered among the best in the world. 

What kind of sites can I visit in the Peloponnese?

Mystras Mani in the Peloponnese

Peloponnese has a great history: the civilization and kingdom Mycenae that started the war against Troy for the eyes of beautiful Helen is located in Argolida and is included in the tour.

As you travel the fantastic region of the Peloponnese, one civilization follows the other or they are all entwined in wonderful UNESCO monuments: ancient Greek, Medieval, Byzantine, and Ottoman villages.

So let’s started with your 4-day tour in the Peloponnese:

Day 1 of the Peloponnese Tour – Corinth and Argolis

The sites you can visit are:

Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, and Acrocorinth, Isthmia Archaeological site, Mycenae (UNESCO), Nemea (great for wine tasting and for visiting the archaeological site), The Asklepion Sanctuary of Epidaurus (UNESCO)

Aerical view of Nafplion in Peloponnese
Nafplio Peloponnese © Canva

Overnight at the medieval town Nafplio at Ippoliti hotel.


Would you like to learn more about Nafplio? Book an enjoyable 3-hour walking tour of Akronafplia Castle and Nafplio town with pick-up services from your hotel, and local wine and tsipouro tasting. Book your tour here with the professionalism of GetYourGuide local partners.

Other beautiful places to visit in the area: Volcanic Methana, Porto Heli & Ermioni, Argos

Day 2 of the Peloponnese Tour – Messinia

Leaving behind Nafplion you travel to the impressive archaeological site of Messene, seaside Pylos town, and the beautiful seaside village of Methoni with a large castle area (try their fresh fish on the waterfront taverns!)

Nearby is Gialova town with the striking Voidokoilia beach.


Overnight at Methoni at fabulous Ulysses Hotel 

Or you can stay at Costa Navarino: a luxury hotel set in one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking landscapes in the Mediterranean, near Voidokoilia, a perfect semi-circle of a beach.

Areopoli © Salvatore Patacca
Monemvasia © Zoudia
Busy roads!

Other beautiful places to visit after leaving Nafplion: Medieval Castle-City of Monemvasia, UNESCO Mystras, Sparta, Areopoli, Kardamyli, Kalamata (like the olives!)

Day 3 of the Peloponnese Tour – Ilia

On your 3rd day drive along the western coast of the Peloponnese, stop at the UNESCO Archaeological Site at Bassae of Phigaleia with the impeccable Epikourios Apollo Temple, a site of tremendous importance and beauty.

The site is set in the wild mountains of the inner Peloponnese and is very much worth the visit.

Go to Krestena, my mother’s birthplace village, and have a snack at its picturesque square.

Krestena main Square

The next stop is at Kaiafas Lake. Cross the road across the lake and stroll on Kaiafas beach, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Greece.

Kaiafas Beach

The next important site is the UNESCO Ancient Olympia Archaeological Site where you will be visiting the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Ancient Olympia © ATHellas

From Ancient Olympia drive to the traditional mountainous village of Dimitsana.

Overnight at Dimitsana village in Enastron Guesthouse

Day 4 of the Peloponnese Tour – Arkadia

The next day you can explore the stunning sites around Dimitsana village:

Hiking or rafting (if the waters allow it) in the Lousios gorge

Monastery Agiou Ioannou Prodromou © clickatlife

Visit stunning monasteries: Moni Emialon and rock-built Monastery of Agiou Ioannou Prodromou.

On your return way to Athens stop at Vytina village, one of many beautiful mountainous villages in the area. Visit its interesting Folkore Museum, stroll at the tree-lined street of love and taste the local products.

You can return to Athens or go towards the north of the Peloponnese to another fantastic area, Kalavryta, with the gorge train (odontotos).

Find here a complete guide to Kalavryta, what to see, where best to stay, and what to order in the local taverns

Explore the capital, Athens!

If you are coming to Greece, a visit to Athens is a total must-do! I have a full post dedicated on the most important sites to see in Athens:

Guide on the Best Athens Monuments, so that you do not miss a site!

Where to Stay in Athens

The four seasons hotel vouliagmeni Riviera
Four Seasons Astir Palace

You can find all types of hotels in Athens from super luxury hotels like Grande Bretagne and Four Seasons Astir Palace to Plaka Boutique Hotels like AthensWasDesign and budget choices like Athens City Hotel.

I hope I have inspired you to visit Peloponnese and have a wonderful time here. Meanwhile, stay safe, travel the world, and enjoy life!

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