8 Days in the Peloponnese: Nafplio, Kardamili, Monemvasia

This post is about 8 days in the Peloponnese, one of my favorite Greek road trips and itinerary. Peloponnese is the southernmost part of Greece’s mainland, with beautiful and popular places including Ancient Olympia, Nafplion, Monemvasia, Mycenae, and Epidaurus Theater.

Epidaurus Theater

Most people think that the best place to be in Greece is any of the Greek islands. Surprisingly, the endless coastline of the Peloponnese, not only feels like an island but also offers authentic travel opportunities far from crowds and tourist traps.

This 8-day Peloponnese itinerary is intended to be (primarily) an exploration along the coastlines of Messinia and Laconia. I mention most of the archaeological sites you find along your route (I am a hopeless history buff!) as well as various fun and historic things to do and visit.

Best places to visit in Greece: Monemvasia rock
Monemvasia Peninsula

Read on for a full travel guide and 8 days in the Peloponnese itinerary, covering what to see, how to prepare for your trip, how to drive in Greece, and recommendations on where to stay.

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Before you Go to the Peloponnese

8 Days in The Peloponnese, breakfats in Monemvasia
House in the Castle, Monemvasia

Here are some facts to help you start planning your trip. Enjoy!

  • Duration 8 days – 7 nights.
  • Weather in Peloponnese: Greece has four distinct seasons. The warmer season is between May and October with the hottest months being July and August. More about when is best to go to Greece in my post here.
  • Recommended accommodation: Here are my favorite places in Peloponnese Greece to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your trip:
Seaside Nafplio
Amymone Suites
1. Booking Review: 9.3
2. Children friendly, Accessibility on the ground floor only
3. Breakfast included, amazing collection
4. Central Nafplio is a 5-minute walk far
Check Availability
Kardamili, Ritsa Beach
Melitsina Village Hotel

1. Booking Review: 9.2
2. Children-friendly, with terrace and balconies, and stunning views. No accessibility facilities
3. Self-catering accommodation
4. Ritsa Beach is a 6-minute walk far
Check Availability
Castle of Monemvasia
House in the Castle

1. Booking Review: 9.6 (Exceptional)
2. Children friendly, with garden, amazing views balcony
3. Self-catering accommodation
4. The terrace is facing the sea
Check Availability
8 Days in The Peloponnese, Mazaraki guesthouse in Pikoulianika
Mazaraki Guesthouse

I have also included 3 more hotels: The idea behind it is that you may spontaneously decide to stay a night in any of those places so I have found 3 fantastic choices for you:

  • Stunning Mazaraki Guesthouse (a traditional property with a swimming pool and breakfast), in tiny Pikoulianika (a picturesque village with amazing taverns near Mystras)
  • If you would love some luxury by the seaside, check out Mareggio Exclusive Residences (I love those breakfasts by the sea), in Gythio town.

Driving in the Peloponnese

  • You can rent a car at an airport. Don’t forget to check the condition of the car you have rented – check for any dented areas or scratches and take a photo of them to present as evidence that it wasn’t your fault
  • Check the gas tank. It is common to get a car with little gas in Greece
  • There are strays in Greece as well as many sheep, goats, and cows. Not to mention the abundant wildlife. Keep an eye out for the poor things in case one of them just jumps in front of you (not common but it can happen)
  • Greece is 80% mountainous, so expect a lot of uphills and downhills. Also, expect a lot of turns and in villages, the roads might be smaller. Don’t get intimidated by them and don’t get stressed, you got this! 😀
  • All gas stations take both cash and credit cards and there will be staff to fill in the gas

Peloponnese Itinerary


Even though this Peloponnese itinerary was designed for 8 days, you can easily stretch it out for more days. If I were to extend the trip, I would spend more time in Kardamili or Elafonisos, or even visit the beautiful Kythira island by taking the ferry from Monemvasia.

Here’s where you can go in the Peloponnese in 8 days:

  • Corinth Region
  • Nafplion
  • Sparti, Mystras
  • Mani
  • Monemvasia
  • Elafonisos
  • Mountainous Kastanitsa

8 Days in the Peloponnese Itinerary

Acrocorinth Castle – Photo: LIFO

As soon as you have picked up your rental car from Athens International Airport, take the national road towards Eleusis, Loutraki, and Corinth. The road is in excellent condition with 2 toll stations.

Your first stop, is at Corinth Canal, 106 km far through E8. Corinth Canal is 6 km long and an engineering miracle. No entrance fee. 13 km from the Canal lies Ancient Corinth, its amazing Museum, and the Bema, the special pedestal where Apostle Paul preached to the Corinthians in 51 AD.

  • Hours 8 am-7 pm Easter – Oct, 8.30 am-3.00 pm Nov-Easter
  • Price adult €8 April to October – €4 Nov to March

On the large rock behind Ancient Corinth, and 4 km away, lie the remains of one of the largest castles in Greece, Acrocorinth which is worth visiting if only for the 360 birds-eye views. No entrance fee, and it closes at 15.30.

4-day Peloponnese Itinerary,Evgenia sitting in the Temple in Nemea
Me in Ancient Nemea

From Acrocorinth if you take the E65 national road 27 km (tolls €2.55) to the south you will find Ancient Nemea with a small site, museum, and ancient stadium. Entrance ticket €6 April to October – €3 Nov to March. Modern Nemea is famous for the largest vineyards in Greece!

Tour Tip: A great way to combine both ancient and modern Nemea is by booking an Ancient Nemea private tour with wine tasting in 3 wineries.

4-day Peloponnese Itinerary,The Lions Gate in Mycenae UNESCO site in Greece
Lion’s Gate in Mycenae

18 km from Nemea through EO (EO=National Road) Korinthos Argos you get to the stunning UNESCO Archaeological site of Mycenae. To put you into historical perspective, the war against Troy happened during the Mycenean civilization (approx.1750 to 1050 BCE). The ticket for Mycenae is €12 from April to October and €6 Nov to March.

What to do in Nafplion, Syntagma square

From Mycenae go straight to Nafplion and discover one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. Here are some of the most popular things you can do in Nafplion:

  • Take the hop on hop off bus and see all the highlights and attractions in one day
  • Take the small boat from Nafplion port to Bourtzi Castle, a tiny islet right across Nafplion with a great history
  • Hike to the Karathonas beach (4,48 km each way), a picturesque trail by the sea
  • I would take a 3-hour walking tour of Nafplion center to learn about the town’s fascinating history, enjoy the panoramic views of the city and the bay from the Akronafplia Fortress, and sample local food
  • You can drive from Nafplio to Monemvasia

This is Sparta!

You can spend a night or two in Nafplion (Amymone Suites is a fantastic hotel with beautiful sea views). When you are ready to go, drive south for 120 km to the famous Sparta town and his brave Leonidas King.

Ancient and Modern Sparta

My favorite things to do in Sparta are:

  • Visit the Archaeological site of Sparta (free entrance)
  • You will be fascinated by the Museum of Olive Oil in Sparta (entrance €4)
  • Discover UNESCO Mystras, a fortified town very important during the Byzantine Empire
  • Have lunch in Pikoulianika, a small gorgeous mountain near the village

Tip: if you can’t make this itinerary take a private tour from Athens to Sparti, Mystras and the Mani Peninsula.

You are reading the top 8 days in the Peloponnese.

After your lunch at Pikoulianika, you can stay in the beautiful village for a night at the Stunning Mazaraki Guesthouse (a traditional property with a swimming pool and breakfast).

Alternatively, you can drive the 90 km distance to Kardamili.

Mani Peninsula: Things to Do

Best Places to Go to Greece in April, Limeni beach
Limeni in Mani, Peloponnese

Mani (separated into 2 main areas, Lakoniki and Messiniaki Mani) has famous beaches, lacy shores, and picturesque bays. The arid land with little vegetation and the relentless sun has residents who claim they come straight from the ancient Spartans.

Some of the best places to visit in Mani are:


Kardamili. Credit Choice Greece

I love Kardamili so much. It is objectively a really lovely seaside village 35 km southeast of Kalamata. It has mostly old buildings 300 years old, built from local stone, and is a peaceful fishing village. The best things to do in Kardamili are:

  • Discover the beach “Ritsa” with its cafes, tavernas, and a few sunbeds. A great hotel in Ritsa Beach is Melitsina Village Hotel in a fantastic location
  • Visit the Byzantine church of St. Spiridon and the tiny museum
  • Beach Kalamitsi is a perfect Greek beach; a crescent of crystal clear bright blue water backed by cypress trees and olive olive-covered hill
  • Foneas Beach is south of Kardamili. In beautiful nature, pebbly, the water is crystal clear, and it has interesting caves to snorkel in
  • Wonderful taverns (my favorite Elies), bars, old and modern cafes
  • Kardamili is great for outdoor activities such as sea kayaking. Check out this great Kayaking tour where you visit many coves, and the Blue Cave and finally have a picnic with freshly baked bread, organic fruits and vegetables, homemade olive oil, and cheese.

Other Amazing Places to Visit in Mani

Areopoli town in the Peloponnese
  • If you drive towards the south, you get to traditional settlements such as Areopolis with its unique cobbled streets and flowering courtyards
  • Visit the Mani towers in the impressive stone-built Vathia
  • Try fresh fish in the beautiful village of Gerolimenas or Porto Kagio
8 Days in The Peloponnese Tainaro cape
Tainaro Cape
8 Days in The Peloponnese Gythio
Gythio Kranai island

Drive to Gythio, the capital seaside town of eastern Mani. The southern edge of Gythio is joined by a pier to a small island, the ancient Kranai or Marathonisi. According to Pausanias, this is where Paris and Helen of Troy spent their first night before arriving in Troy. Paris forgot his helmet (kranai) and so the little island got its name.

Gythio is a beautiful place to stay overnight and relax from driving from Kardamili. If you would love some luxury by the seaside, I suggest you check out Mareggio Exclusive Residences & Suites.

8 Days in The Peloponnese Dimitrios shipwreck
Dimitrios Shipwreck

Make a stop at the nearby Dimitrios Shipwreck and at the point where Evrotas River goes into the sea on Trinisa Beach.

The best Evrotas beach resort is The Olive Yard!



Continuing with your 8 days in the Peloponnese, we get to Monemvasia also known as the Gibraltar of Greece. It is a stunning Byzantine castle town with a backdrop of stone tower houses, narrow cobbled streets, and winding alleys.

Monemvasia is a very romantic place, ideal for a couple. Just follow the cobbled streets and indulge in the magic of the history of a settlement that once “hosted” all the emperors of Byzantium!

Best Places to Go to Greece in April, Monemvasia alley

Some of the best things to do in Monemvasia are:

  • Go to Matoula’s Garden Tavern. Great food and stunning views of the Kastro and the sea
  • Take a wine, olive oil, and honey tour (Monemvasia is famous for its honey)
  • Visit the archaeological collection of Monemvasia Castle, housed in an old Muslim mosque
  • Hike the “Voltes”, the stone winding path that hugs the rock of the town at its highest point, ascending towards the gate of Ano Polis (not an easy hike, especially if you are visiting Monemvasia in the summer)

FAQ for Monemvasia

Pori Beach in Monemvasia
  1. Nafplio to Monemvasia ferry: there is no ferry from Nafplio to Monemvasia, you can get there only by car or bus
  2. Monemvasia Beaches: You can swim on beautiful sandy beaches like Pori and Aspes
  3. Monemvasia Boat Rides: If you love outdoor activities then go sea kayaking around the magnificent rock of Monemvasia
  4. If you have limited time take a half-day Tour to Elafonisos. That way you can relax and let the professionals organize your day to Elafonissos!

You are reading about what to do in 8 days in the Peloponnese.


8 Days in The Peloponnese Elafonissos twin beach
Elafonisos famous beaches

If time is not an issue then you will enjoy visiting Elafonisos, a stunning island. It is located 50 km from Monemvasia and you can drive to the small port of Pounta. From Pounta, you take the ferry across the island. There is a ferry every hour but the first boat is at 7.50 am and the next at 9.00. The trip lasts around 8 minutes and you can issue your ticket at the port.

Info Tip: Do not mix Elafonisos Island in the Peloponnese with Elafonissi beach in Chania Crete island!

Elafonisos island is famous for the twin beaches of Simos (small beach) and Sarakinikos (big beach or Tseratsiniko for the locals). Access is by car and during the summer months, there are boat trips from the old port of Elafonisos (Skala).

8 Days in The Peloponnese Elafonissos beach.
Sarakiniko Beach

What makes those beaches so unique is the fine golden sand, the shallow, turquoise, transparent waters, the dunes that reach even 10 m high, and the cedar forest that stretches over a large area connecting the two beaches. The vast, white sandy beach and the turquoise waters give the landscape an exotic beauty.

8 Days in The Peloponnese sunk town in Elafonissos
Sank town of Pavlopetri

Top Things to Do in Elafonissos

  • Stroll by the small village under the same Elafonisos name. You will find many tavernas, shops, cafes, and souvlaki places
  • Visit the picturesque chapel of Agios Spyridon built on the small island opposite the Elafonissos post and can be accessed from the bridge
  • Snorkel Pavlopetri, the lost Atlantis of Greece! It is an ancient city 5,000 years old that is submerged a few meters below the sea surface (3-4 meters). It is located opposite Elafonisos on the beach of Pounda and is the ideal spot for snorkeling
  • Hike! Elafonisos has 6 hiking trails and 3 cycling routes. The most famous hiking route is the one that starts from the port of Chora, passes through the village of Vigla, and ends at the top of Vardia. Vardia is the highest point of the island (276m) from where you can admire Cape Taenaro, Kythera, Kavos-Malias, and the endless sea

Where to Stay in Elafonissos: Kalomoira’s Apartments is a seafront accommodation, close to the restaurants and shops.

8 Days in The Peloponnese Kastanitsa village
Kastanitsa village. Photo: ellines.com

On your way back to Athens, you can stop at Kastanitsa, a beautiful mountain village built on the slopes of Parnonas mountain, at an altitude of 850 meters. It is considered one of the most picturesque traditional settlements of the entire Peloponnese.

You are reading about the top 8 days in the Peloponnese.

Survival Tips in the Peloponnese

  • No need to prepurchase your tickets for any of the sites mentioned in this post
  • In smaller towns and islands, museums or sites might be closed on a certain day, usually Mondays or Tuesdays. So before you venture to any remote site, monster,y or museum, check out if that specific day is closed. It would be such a pity to drive all the way and find it all locked up
  • There might be urchins if the beach is rocky, you better wear your sea shoes to protect your poor feet
  • Not every village has an ATM. Always carry with you €100-150 cash just in case
  • Need more info? Read my dedicated posts: Must-have items for Greece and Greece Packing list

Top Places to Visit in the Peloponnese in 8 Days

  • Corinth Region
  • Nafplion
  • Sparti, Mystras
  • Mani
  • Monemvasia
  • Elafonisos
  • Mountainous Kastanitsa

Plan My Trip to Greece

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If yes, please visit my dedicated Plan My Trip Page for a free itinerary!

Would you Go to the Peloponnese?

Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know what sites you think are the most compelling in Peloponnese!

How to Get to Athens Port (Piraeus) from the Airport

Bus X96 Peiraias Port to Athens Airport
Airport Bus
  • Bus: If you are arriving at Athens International Airport you can travel straight to the port by taking the X96 express bus (€5.5, children <6 yo, free entrance), which departs every 40 minutes and the average trip lasts 1 hour – runs 24/7.
  • Metro: (€9) is easily found across airport arrivals (blue line – M3) going directly to Piraeus port. The average trip to Piraeus lasts 1 hour.
  • Taxis are available in front of the airport (around €40 to Athens, €55-60 to Piraeus (depending on the traffic in Kifisos), and take up to 3 or 4 people with small luggage)
  • Rent a car with Discover Cars for reliable, new cars at affordable prices
  • You don’t like driving but love hassle-free solutions? Book a Private transfer with an English-speaking driver from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Ferries, or anywhere else in Greece
  • Are you looking for domestic flights in Greece? Check out the official Aegean Airlines Website.

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