The Stunning Nemouta Waterfalls near Ancient Olympia

The well-hidden Nemouta Waterfalls in Ancient Olympia are stunningly beautiful and impressive and when you get there you will think you are in a real paradise!

Nemouta waterfalls are surrounded by a dense forest with plane and fruit trees, all its paths covered with ferns and flowers. As you hike the trails, you come across small streams all deriving from the Erymanthos River flowing nearby. There are 30 waterfalls in total in the two nearby canyons, all spectacular to visit. I hope this post will inspire you to visit the remarkable Nemouta Waterfalls on your next Ancient Olympia trip to Greece.

Water fall and some people in it with a lot of green in Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
Nemouta Waterfalls

Ancient Olympia or the Archaeological Site of Olympia is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage, famous as the site of the birth of the Olympic Games. Olympia is located in the Ilia prefecture of western Peloponnese 289 km (180 mi) from Athens. 65 km to the southeast is located the UNESCO masterpiece of the Temple of Apollo Epicurius in Bassae.

Epicurian Apollo Temple in the Peloponnese Greece.
Temple of Apollo Epicurious in Bassae

Around the area of Ancient Olympia lies one of the most beautiful and fertile areas in Greece. There are many traditional villages (Krestena, Zacharo, Skylountia), the unique Foloi oak forest, the 70 km-long sandy beaches of Kaiafas, lakes, and rivers.

Just 27 km from Ancient Olympia is Nemouta village and waterfalls, an extraordinary area, stunningly beautiful and wild.

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Note: Nemouta Waterfalls trails are not an easy stroll. Be prepared to cross streams and get potentially wet, and is best if you have experience in hiking and good physical condition.

How to Get to the Nemouta Waterfalls from Athens

Two people in the Erymanthus River and three more beside in Nemouta Water Falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
Erymanthus River © Nick Siakkoulis

There are public buses (KTEL) leaving from Kifisos Bus Station in Athens and going to the Nemouta area but it will take you forever as you will have to change buses and wait at every change.

I would suggest you better rent a car to get there, the national roads are great and you will find the area easily. A rental offers you the option to visit so many sites on your way to Ancient Olympia such as Ancient Corinth & Acrocorinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nemea and the wineries, Dimitsana and Stemnitsa.

Nemouta Waterfalls

The Nemouta waterfalls are located on Mount Erymanthos inside the gorge of Haratsariou. The whole scenery is wild, and gorgeous and will remind you of a tropical forest.

Nemouta waterfalls are not signposted trails, so I recommend you make early arrangements with a local guide as you will not be able to find them by yourself easily.

Water fall and a man with a lot of plants in Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
Nemouta Waterfalls

If you are a very adventurous person and decide that you will try to find the waterfalls by yourself (at least don’t go alone!) then you need a great Garmin Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS, Glonass, and Galileo, Heart Rate Monitoring, and a 3-Axis Compass. You can check the Garmin Watch here.

Start of the trail: Nemouta Iron Bridge

The start of the trail is at an old but beautiful iron bridge over the Erymanthos River (GPS 37.700663, 21.808754). On one part of the bridge, there is an info/canteen kiosk and some free parking space and on the other, there are 3-4 country houses with one very basic tavern. It is worth strolling the place, a charming and Greek authentic place.

A view from the iron bridge with trees and plants in a sunny day in Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
View from the Iron Bridge

From the bridge, the first impressive Nemouta waterfalls are only 290 m. We started walking the dirt road south towards the “tropical” forest. When we reached the uphill we turned right towards the stream.

We kept having the stream on our right side and as we were going deeper into the forest, we could hear the characteristic sound of a waterfall.

And as I was walking the trail I found myself in front of very impressive scenery. This waterfall is called the “Gate of Heaven”!

The gate to the water fall and some people in Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
The Gate of Heaven

We visited the waterfall in late June and the water was still kind of cold. But as the water was falling upon you from a height, the sensation was both amazing and exhilarating. You could feel the weight of the water on your bones!

Your guide can take you to the other two waterfalls which are located about 5-6 km away. The trail is fantastic, not so demanding but certainly, it is not for people with no hiking experience.

Erymanthos River and trees beside in Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
Erymanthos River

Afterward, we headed back to Erymanthus River for a well-deserved dive into its incredibly clear and shallow waters. It was not exactly swimming as there was a current but it was refreshing after the heat of the day.

Nemouta Village and Greek Lunch

A two floor house with trees and plants. Some people walking beside the road in Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
Nemouta Village

We were transported with jeeps from Erymanthos to the picturesque Nemouta village for our very late lunch. And thank goodness for that as everyone was starving.

We chose a tavern on the tiny main Nemouta square where we had traditional Greek food served in the usual Greek way: many small dishes with appetizers and main courses and streams of beer and wine!

A traditional sweat of grape.
Grapes syropy local sweet

After our meal, we were treated to a local delicacy, a syrupy sweet made of local grapes. Very yummy, wish I could have bought a full jar of it!

Where is Best To Stay in Nemouta?

Ancient Olympia

A good base for your adventures is modern Olympia Village which is fine for a couple of nights. The best hotel to stay in Olympia is Hotel Europa Olympia, a 4-star hotel with exceptional service, a swimming pool, and a great garden.

If you are looking for a more budget option Stadium Rooms will tick all the hospitality boxes!

 Kaiafas beach near to Nemouta Water falls in Ancient Olympia Greece.
Kaiafas beach

You can also choose a seaside village for your stay to combine the sea and forests. The sea in the area is called Kaiafas and is an endless line of fine sand and a lush green background.

Lake Kaiafas

A must-visit is the Kaiafas Lake and spa, just for a stroll around the spa center in the area. The natural thermal springs and spas come from the cave of the “Nymphs of Anigrides”. The cave, according to mythology, is where Dardanos, the ancestors of the Trojans were born.

  • The water temperature is 32 C
  • Ingredients: C1 – Na – K – HS – Mineral – Hypotonic
  • Appropriate for: Chronic Rheumatism, Myositis, Chronic Degenerative results of injuries, Neuralgia, Atypic Gynecological Inflammation
  • Operates between June to October from 07:15 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. In August and September, it is open in the afternoon, until 7:30 p.m
  • Contact number: ( + 30 ) 26250 31719

Where is your dream summer destination? Would you go to Nemouta Waterfalls?

I’d love to hear about where you’re spending your vacation this year, especially if you have any exciting travel plans! There are so many things to do in Ancient Olympia. I hope that you get the chance to try as many as possible. Till next time, Evgenia❤️

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