The Complete Greece Packing List for a 10-day Trip

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This post is a complete Greece packing list for your summer visit, what to wear (or not) in Greece, which toiletries, health-kit, electronics, hiking gear, and travel documents to take with you to spend a care-free 10-day vacation. The post is focused on the ladies’ part of the planet.

As exciting as it is to start planning for your 10 days in Greece, so packing can frustrating, stressful and even boring at times. No matter how many times you have travelled, you always forget to pack something which turns out to be very important! That’s why you need a list, especially if you are visiting Greece for the first time.

What the ideal Greece packing list for summer should include?

The best packing list for a vacation to Greece should include all the necessary garments, accessories, toiletries, medicine kit, electronics and travel documents. So here we are:

Greece Packing List for Luggage

The most important pack for 10 days in Greece decision you’ll make before your trip starts is what type of luggage you will need:

A Travel backpack, a suitcase, or a rolling duffel? This is up to your taste and what type of vacation you are planning. I am more inclined to have a large duffel where I can stack literally everything in, including my backpack for my hiking adventures.

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  • Rolling Duffel: I think duffels are an excellent choice. I always take large but lightweight duffels as they have a great capacity for a 10-day
  • Travel backpack: Visiting a Greek island and not hike even on a short trail seems like a lost opportunity to actually see the real island, so I highly recommend a good hiking backpack. I have a Lowe Alpine backpack in light blue (better choose darker colours, light blue is beautiful but gets dirty all the time), with back net protection to keep my back dry, super important for hiking in Greece.
  • Travel Antitheft Wallet: I usually carry one of those across my body, under other garments, when I visit new places or when I have to carry a large amount of cash on me in the Athens metro. The neck wallet keeps all your valuables safe from hand pickpocketing and the RFID-blocking technology, protect you against electronic pickpocketing. You can find a similar one on Amazon Website here Alpha Keeper Neck Wallet or just use an old small bag that you already own!

Keeping Everything Organised in the Luggage

  • Compression Packing Cubes: These lightweight compression packs is one of those inventions that has made travelling so much easier for me. Not only do they reduce the space in your suitcase but also you group your items and find them faster and without destroying your suitcase each time you search for that particular top as I do
  • Choose a Pack-it-all flat Toiletry Bag

Travel Packing List for Clothing: What to Wear in Greece?

What to pack for Greek summer, what Greece outfits you need for all the possible occasions and expeditions? Some general rules:

  • Υou can pretty much wear whatever you want, you can take with you all your favourite clothes, even the dress with deep cleavage, Greeks are very cool about what you wear, we have seen it all! (exceptions are all Greek Churches and Monasteries, you need to wear modest clothes, no shorts or mini skirts please)
  • Greek wear fancy clothes when they dine out, so you can follow suit if you feel like it. If not, wear your most tattered shorts for dinner and you will be more than fine
  • Choose loose lightweight clothes, Greek summers are hot, 30 – 38 C, but can go up to 45 C if there is a heatwave. Islands are also quite humid.
  • Pack some basic bottom clothes and a larger top variety for your Greek packing list

So this is my packing and travelling list for a 10-day vacation to Greece:

QuantityItem(s)Inspiring Examples from
2Casual Trousers(Pants)
1Your favourite jeans. Good only for the night out. During the day it will be too hot to wear
1Convertible Hiking Pants
2Linen/cotton Shirts (good for sun protection or for going out in the evening)White Linen Shirt
Short-Sleeved Blouses/ tank tops &
2-3 evening fancy tops
Cat Printed T-shirt
(NewChic Website)
2Evening Dresses
1Zipped Fleece
1Light Jacket
2Swimming Suits & a cover-up (you can use an oversized shirt)
3 + 10Bras & UnderwearCotton Cute Panties
Shoes for airports and general travel, hiking shoes, flip flops for the sandy beach, anti-slippery shoes for the rocky beach, shoes for evenings outs (forget high heels)Reef Cushion Sandals (USoutdoors Website)
Socks, belts, hat ( a round-brimmed to cover all your face), scarfs, headbands, sunglasses, jewellery (bring only the cheap ones with you)
1Microfiber Beach/Travel Towel

And if you do forget to include in your Greek packing list an important garment, the Greek Islands, especially the most popular ones, have a variety of local stores with the most alluring clothes. Think white and blue, stark cotton and bright linen dresses and shirts and silky scarfs. Leave a little bit of space in your luggage, you never know what you will bring back home.

Toiletry Essential Checklist

My grandmother always used to say: “If you want to make a list, start with what your head needs!”.

Where are you going to put all your necessities while packing for Greece? I personally love this great portable toiletry bag: Pack-it-all flat Toiletry Bag!

My recommended list for essential toiletries while you are visiting Greece:

  • Shampoo and Conditioner (I usually buy some from the local supermarket but almost all hotels provide them for free)
  • Hair products like hair gel
  • Hairbrush, good old-fashioned comb, hair ties
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Cotton, ear cotton buds
  • Face Cosmetics: moisturiser, cleanser
  • Make-up, lipstick, lip balm
  • Deodorant (a lot, Greek summers are scorching)
  • Shower Gel (buy some from a local store along with the shampoo or use the one your hotel provides)
  • Your own washcloth if you use one, hotels very rarely supply them
  • Body cream – Archipelago Oat Milk
  • Tweezers and Nail Clippers
  • Bring your own feminine products. Alternatively, you can buy sanitary pads or OB tampons from local stores
  • Sunscreen – Organic Aloe Vera , an after-the-sun lotion for Greek strong sun
  • Travel Mirror
  • Hairdryer: Leave it at home, all hotels have one. And your hair will dry in 5 minutes in Greek heat, so it is kind of useless.

Medicine – Health Kit

In Greece, you can buy over the counter from pharmacies simple painkillers or allergy ointments and generally speaking, all the “light” medicine. More for your list:

  • All the necessary medication you take back home
  • Mosquito Repellent (you can buy it from the local store unless you prefer your own brand)
  • Bandaids
  • Ammonia for insects sting
  • Allergy medication
  • Pills for jet-lag/ seasickness (if you take the ferries)
  • Last but not least, anti-COVID gear: masks and hand sanitiser

Electronics Packing Checklist

This checklist for packing electronics will definitely help you not to leave behind any useful device:

  • Your mobile & charger
  • Waterproof Phone Pouch: Keep that Greek sea away from your iPhone/mobile
  • World Travel Adaptor Ceptics: Greece has a usual European plug configuration so you better have an international adaptor that will have you covered for every country, not just Greece.
  • Portable Power Bank: All in one a portable power bank that keeps all of your electronics charged no matter where you are and how long your trip is
  • Laptop. You are not supposed to take it with you, you are going on vacation to Greece.
  • Headphones with relaxing music while you take the ferry to Mykonos
  • Travel Camera
  • Memory Cards: Pack at least 2 spare memory cards so you don’t run out of space

Hiking Gear Checklist

Greece is full of hiking opportunities being 80% covered by mountains.

Related Post: Greek Island Hiking Guide – The Cyclades I

What to Pack for Greece Hiking:

  • Comfortable walking shoes – preferably you have broken them before you wear them in Greece. Mind you, the Greek Mountains are rough and steep
  • Hiking socks
  • Travel backpack, to keep your back dry from sweat like the amazing Lowe Alpine Altus 42
  • Round Brimmed Hat
  • Snacks to keep your minerals stable in the Greek heat
  • Walking sticks. The Cyclades Islands are always windy and if you hike on the ridge of a mountain you will need support from the gusts
  • Buy/Use Paper Maps. You can buy them anywhere in Greece, and probably much cheaper than buy them on Amazon.
  • Upload the trails on your app.
  • Take with you Garmin inReach Explorer+ Satellite if you already have one

Travel Documents Checklist

Keeping your essential travel documents in order and organized can really take the stress out of travel. Using a travel organizer bag allows you to have all the things you need in one convenient place. That also includes the risk when you lose them, to lose the whole bunch.

  • Personal ID, Passport – make sure to have an electronic and paper copy in case yours gets lost.
  • Internation drivers Permit – check if it is expiring in 6 months or less
  • Visa: Check here if you need a visa for Greece
  • Credit /Debit Cards & Cash (carry cash with you, some smaller islands may have only 1 or 2 ATM’s)
  • Boarding Pass – Keep it handy on your mobile or print it. 
  • Emergency contact information.
  • Travel Insurance documents: I don’t know about you but I never travel without Reliable Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance will protect you against injury, theft, illness. Check it out here:

The small extras that make the big difference!

  • Reusable Water Bottle: In the global battle against plastic and sea pollution, you can help by using an insulated high-quality reusable bottle that keeps water cold or warm for hours.
  • Travel Pillow: After having flown extensively to Europe I discovered that I really need a travel pillow. I suffer from neck slipped discs which are quite painful on their own but it really gets me when I travel for a long time. I use Foam Neck Pillow Head like this one which is great support. A bit bulky though for your luggage.
  • Eye Mask and Ear Plugs: I find eye masks invaluable for shielding me from any light inside the plane. In lack of them, you can use a garment to cover your eyes.
  • Compression socks: Great value-for-money socks, if your feet hurt easily.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: If you want to get any sleep on a plane these are essential. 
  • Books that you have been intending to read for a long time but you never have the time.

So, are you getting ready (at least psychologically!) for a great experience in Greece next summer 2021? I hope that I have helped you get prepared with this Greece packing list.

If you have any more tips I should add to the list or need help with organising your trip to any of the Greek islands, I would be more than happy to assist! Send me an email at or drop me a message on my Facebook Page.

Greek Travel Resources

  • All the archaeological sites in Greece that have entrance fees can be found on the official Greek Ministry’s website here. Before you purchase your tickets, especially if you are an EU citizen, check if you have free or reduced entrance. You should also check to see if you happen to visit on one of the free entrance dates. If you are going to Acropolis during the peak season (May-September) prepurchase your tickets as the queues are insane. Finally, from November to March entrance fees to all Archaeological Sites are 50% off everywhere in Greece for everyone.
  • I use because I can get the best deals, has info on hotels and Airbnb’s alike, with breakfast or not, free cancellations, and great prices!
  • Hiking Maps. You can purchase paper maps of Anavasi or Terrain from their sites which have much cheaper prices than Amazon. Alternatively, you can always buy a paper map on the island, when you get there.
  • Purchase the great hiking book Eastern & Northern Cyclades by Dieter Graf. You might be able to find it on a larger island but this is not always for sure.
  • Ferries: Book your ferry transfer with FerryHopper, and get the best price in the market with no hidden fees
  • World Nomads Insurance: I feel insecure traveling to another country without having even the most basic of insurances. Insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations
  • iVisa: For any questions, you may have about your documents, passport if you need a visa, a new photo, or any visa-related matter, iVisa is your man (or woman!)
  • Get Your Guide: For all your day or multi-day tours and city guide needs, I use Get Your Guide
  • Emergency Numbers Anywhere in Greece: AMBULANCE 166 – FIRE 199 – POLICE 100

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