12 Reasons to Fall in Love with Agistri Island

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A Small Paradise of an Island

Agistri Island (or Angistri or Agkistri) is the smallest island in the Argo-Saronic Gulf. Other islands in the same group include Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Salamina, and Dokos.

It is very easy to fall in love with Agistri island, a small, low-key paradise of an island only an hour far from Athens. From the exotic beach Aponisos on the south to the scattered traditional tiny villages, Agistri island is a wonderful place for a day trip or a long weekend.

Aponisos Beach

Agistri island’s coastline has many beautiful bays and gulfs while its land is almost completely covered by a sweet-scented pine forest. Agistri is not a cosmopolitan island. But It is a perfect Greek island for those who seek contact with nature, as it is blessed with an explosion of natural beauty.

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How to Get to Agistri Island

Megalochori Port

To get to Agistri you need to take the boat from Pireaus, Athens main port. There are catamaran or flying dolphins that take only passengers and get you to Agistri’s capital town, Megalochori, in about 55′.

If you take the slow boat (takes about 1,5 hours and can carry cars/bikes as well) you arrive at Skala port.


From the ports, you can take the local buses, use taxis, rent a bicycle or a car and start exploring Agistri. As Agistri is only 14 square km surface, if you are an avid hiker, you can hike a large portion of this beautiful island.

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Where Best to Stay in Agistri Island

Saronis Hotel Agistri (mid-range): This is a wonderful hotel that feels like you are staying in ..Mykonos in the Cyclades!

Set nearby a pine tree forest, in Skala, with rooms tastefully decorated, a yard that reminds of the Cyclades and tasty homemade breakfast, your staying in Saronis hotel is going to be memorable.

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Best Things to do in Agistri Island

1. Megalochori Port

Megalochori  (also known as Milos), is Agistri’s capital town and port with authentic and less touristic character.

If you arrive in Megalochori port, don’t skip walking its small alleys. You will be happily surprised by the picturesque cobblestones with two-story houses and the traditionally preserved mansions with beautifully flowered yards.


If you feel like tasting for some good local traditional Greek food, ask around for the “Konaki” or the “Sailor” taverns, you will not be disappointed.


Would you also like to explore the local culture and tradition from Agkistri’s previous centuries? Then, you should visit the Agistri Cultural Center in Megalochori that houses the Folklore Museum and the Archaeological findings on the island.

2. Metochi Village and the Panagia Church

Metochi Village

If you like heights and great sea vistas visit/hike to Metochi, a small village between Megalochori and Skala. Metochi is a tiny village with only a few narrow streets, rusty old houses, and beautiful sea views across Skala.

Me arriving at the chapel

There is a short trail towards Metochi and right before you get to the village, on the right side of it there is a beautiful chapel that I visited. I always check to see if the chapels are open as I love to visit and check the icons and the decoration of the church.

3. Skala Seaside Village and Beach

Skala is the most advanced settlement in Agistri island, with beach bars and touristic facilities, just 10 minutes far by bike time – 2 km – from Megalochori.

Skala – Oasis Hotel

It is a lively place with 2 organized beaches, one sandy and one with pebbles, that gather a lot of people and families, and many visitors find it is a great base for trips to the rest of the island.

I absolutely love strolling the sandy part of Skala beach all the way to the impressive landmark, the large white church of Agios Dimitrios with the blue dome.

If you stay in Skala, try the breakfast at «Copa Cabana», with many tasty pancake options or more traditional choices like Greek yogurt with fruit and honey. I always have a coffee there as well, Greek coffee usually or espresso, I am not a frappe fun.

Perhaps it is noon and you could do with some food? Taste Greek “fast food” options, gyros, and souvlaki. Go to “Gyrokomeion” or “Gyrobank” shops and get full with some of the best gyros on Agistri.

Plaka is also where we rented our bikes (5 euro each, in good condition, mine had a basket!). We biked for 16 km in total but it wasn’t an even road, it had a lot of steep uphills and equal downhills. So, if you rent a bike, you have to be certain that you can deal with this kind of terrain – especially if you are visiting in the summer. Although I was complaining about the uphills, had to stop and walk at times, I didn’t regret it as the views while you are biking are magnificent.

4. Skliri Beach

Skliri Beach – M. karantzou

Staying at the east side of Agistri along the coast and towards the south, you reach the lush green and organized (rocky) beach of Skliri. If you are visiting Agkistri with your partner seek the “lovers street” in Skliri, where the couples take selfie photos.


Fish Tip: For fresh fish with an amazing sea view inside the pine forest take a break at the Alkyoni tavern.

5. Chalikiada Beach


If you head towards the south through a dreamy route of about 500 meters in the pines, you will find a natural deep creek with pebbles. This is the enchanting Chalikiada beach with unbelievable clear waters and beautiful views of Aegina island.

The Chalikiada beach is not organized so you better have some water or food with you. And a hat for the sun!

Two of the best things to do on Chalikiada rocky beach are snorkeling and ..nudism! It is a popular spot for nude swimmers and free campers, so be prepared.

6. Dragonera Beach

Dragonera – Argosaronikos

The two Dragonera beaches (small and big) feature exotic azure waters and you can get there by crossing the dense pine forest on the west side of Agistri island.

Dragonera – Roman Boyzov

On the left of the beach, there is an outdoor canteen with some basic food and drink options like souvlaki, sodas, beer or water.

I am not particularly fond of this beach because it gets a bit crowded, and last time I was there I stepped on an urchin and was quite unhappy for the rest of the day! However, the place is gorgeous, so don’t mind me, go there and just be mindful of the urchins! Or by mesh shoes to walk in the sea:

7. Limenaria Village

Agia Varvara Church

Just before you get to Limenaria village and the steep downhill to Aponisos, you come across another beautiful church where we made a much-needed stop to drink some water and biked to our destination, Aponisos!

View to Limenaria
View to Limenaria

Limenaria is on the southeast part of Agistri and one of the most traditional settlements of the island. You will love walking its cobblestone alleys, passing by stone old houses, cafes, and traditional ovens where you can smell the freshly baked goodies all over the village.

8. Mariza Tiny Rocky Shoreline

Mariza Beach – Thomai Stergioti

Mariza is not exactly a beach but a platform for diving into the deep pristine waters of the sea. Access is via a path that goes from the village of Limenaria to Mariza Bay.

9. Lekani Lake

Agistri Island
Agistri Lake

If you travel towards the east, past the very beautiful Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos you get to the Agistri lake. The lake sits in a dazzling water landscape in the heart of a pine-covered paradise, between the village of Limenaria and the islet of Aponisos.

In the spring, the colorful moorland (which used to be a salt lake, in the past) fills with numerous species of birds.

10. Aponissos Beach

As soon as you leave behind you the ​​Lekani lake of Agistri and through a wonderful dense pine forest you arrive at Aponisos.

Aponisos is simply stunning! It is an exotic islet, joined by a small strip of land with the rest of Agistri island. The islet is private so you need to pay an entrance fee of five euros 5€ (inclusive of an umbrella and a sunbed). The beach is organized and stays open until the 15th of October.

We stayed mostly at the open sea side of it and enjoyed one of the best days on a Greek island. The waters were slightly cool but not in an intimidating way, so I swam for some time in azure crystal clear waters.

There were ducks swimming nearby and peacocks walking freely and I could hear some hens laying eggs nearby, but I couldn’t see them.

Me fooling around

Aponisos is considered the best place in Agistri to see the sun setting in the waters of the Saronic Gulf and needless to stay, this is my favorite beach on the island.

11. Boat Visit to Islets of Dorousa, Metopi, Kyra

Another great thing you can do is to get on a small boat from Megalochori or Skala, do the round of Agistri, and visit some of its beautiful islets:


Have excavated important Archaeological findings and worth visiting the Chapel of Prophet Ilias


You can visit the small Chapel of Agioi Theodoroi


Have excavated important Archaeological findings.

12. Agistri Local Delicacies

Agistri farmers produce retsina, olive oil, olives, figs, oregano, thyme, almonds, pine honey and fresh fish, and seafood are caught daily. The veggies are all grown locally so, any salad, local pies with herbs, grilled octopus, or any fish, as well as doughnuts and pancakes, will make you very very happy.

What Island Hopping Can I do from Agistri?

From Agistri island you can take the ferries to Aegina Island:


Aegina island is just 15 minutes far from Agistri. Aegina is a beautiful island, full of amazing things to do and see:

Or you can go to the Peloponnese on one of the organized excursions to the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, where performances take place in July and August.

Ancient theater of Epidavros
Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

Or you can go on a sailing guided tour from Athens:

© Day Cruise

Can’t bother to go by yourself to Agistri?

Book a Full-Day Sailing trip to Aegina, Agistri and tiny Moni islands(click here) from Athens

The tours are checked and validated with the expertise of Get Your Guide. The day tour includes:

  • Be welcomed on board with coffee, juices, water and pastries
  • Enjoy a day cruise around the Saronic gulf on a wooden-motor sailing boat
  • Visit Agistri and Aegina islands
  • Swim in Moni’s translucent waters
  • Have lunch of delicious Mediterranean-Greek food and traditional wine and beers

Other Awesome Things to Do in Agistri Island

  • Kayak in Plaka
  • Hiking Plaka – Metochi – Megalochori (easy with some uphill, 4 km)
  • Visit bougainvillea house of famous German painter Gerti Brauner
  • Discover the local delicacies of the Artorama bakery in Skala
  • Explore the area around Cape Akra Kapnodoki near Megalochori

Survival Tips for Agistri Island

  • For the rocky beaches, slippery at times and with urchins at some points, you may need to bring some beach shoes
  • There are 2 health centers, one in Megalochori and one in Skala
  • In Skala you will find the only ATM and the only pharmacy on the whole Agistri
  • During July and August weekends, the island is flooded with Athenians
  • Nightlife is low-key. However, there is a night-club on the island

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