Corfu Island: The Best Things to Do in 2024

Corfu island is located northwest of Greece, in the Ionian group of Greek islands along with Zakynthos, Paxos, Kefalonia, Kythira, Ithaca, and Lefkada. With more rainfall than any other Greek island, it is one of the greenest and coolest islands in Greece.

 A sandy beach at Paleokastritsa Village with many people, some buildings and fish boats taken from a drone. Best things to do on Corfu island
Paleokastritsa village

I first went to Corfu when I was in the last year of high school. It is customary in Greece for students in their final year of high school to visit an island and spend 5 days away from their parents! I remember we went to all the hot places in Corfu such as the Old Venetian Corfu Town, the Pontikonisi, the Achilion, and the famous Palokastritsa. However, the most fascinating thing to do in Corfu was those stunning beaches!

So without further ado let’s discuss the best things to do on magical Corfu Island!

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The Best Things to Do on Corfu Island

Explore Old Venetian Corfu Town

 Campielo area with two old buildings and a laundry hanging from a window.Best things to do on Corfu island.
Campielo area

The architecture of Old Corfu town originates from the ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Venetian types of architecture, creating a historical and romantic town that is unique in the whole of Greece.

Old Fortress of Corfu with many small boats in the sea. Best things to do on Corfu island.
Old Fortress of Corfu

The best things to do in Corfu town are: Stroll the huge Spianada Square and explore the impressive and large Old Fortress of Corfu or Fortseta with stunning views of Corfu town and the sea. Do not miss visiting the imposing church of Agios Georgios which looks like an ancient Greek Temple at the seaside of the fortress. Nearby is the only Asian Art Museum in Greece that you can visit.

 Liston area in Corfu and many tables and chairs. Best things to do on Corfu island.
Liston area in Corfu town

Explore the pedestrian area of Liston, which in the 18th and 19th centuries was allowed to be crossed only by the upper class of Corfu, and strictly forbidden to lower classes. Both sides of the pedestrian are lined with beautiful cafes and restaurants and at its end, you get to the Old English Palace with a beautiful garden.

Discover Platy Kantuni (Wide Street) flanked by some of the most impressive neoclassic Mansions in Corfu town. Walk to the picturesque Campielo district, with its laundry spread out from the balconies, its cantinas, and its architecture which is reminiscent of Naples, Italy.

The Venetian Well with many people sitting, eating and celebrating. Best things to do on Corfu island.
The Venetian Well

The best place to have lunch in Campielo is at the Venetian Well, see info about the romantic restaurant here:

The closest Beach to Corfu Town is Glyfada, one of the most popular and long beaches in Corfu, just 20′ from the city center. Ideal for the whole family.

The Royal Achillion Palace

Achilleion Palace with a lot of green and trees in a sunny day. Best things to do on Corfu island.
Achilleion Palace

Achillion is undoubtedly one of the most famous and important sights in Corfu, located in the village of Gastouri, 10 km outside Corfu Town. It was built in the 19th century at the request of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, better known as Sissy. Achilleion is a neoclassical building, built in a verdant area and with a lovely garden with many archaic statues.

Achilleion has been renovated and for the time being (April 2024) you can visit the exterior areas and the gardens of the palace. More info about Achilion here.

The Pontikonisi – The Mouse Island!

 View to Pontikonisi from Corfu with lot of trees and a small Greek Church.

Pontikonisi (no idea why it is called Mouse Island) is a lush green, overgrown with tall cypresses and other plants of rare beauty tiny island across Kanoni. Visitors are not allowed to land there, except for a short time and under strict supervision by guards.

In the 18th century, during the reign of Otto, the Monastery of Pantokrator was built in Pontikonisi, ruined today, with a church dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Saviour, which is celebrated on 6 August.

Famous Mouse Islet - Pontikonisi in Corfu ilsnad Greece.
Famous Mouse Islet – Pontikonisi

The best view of Pontikonisi is from Kanoni where you can have your coffee: In front of you is the serene sea, the picturesque Panagia Vlachernon Monastery, and in the distance the Pontikonisi.

Paleokastritsa & Angelokastro Castle

View from Bella Vista with lot of green and trees taken from a drone.
Bella Vista Viewpoint

Drive to Bella Vista Viewpoint with amazing views of the area of picture-perfect Paleokastritsa and beyond.

10 km before Paleokastritsa you can find the remains of the important Byzantine Angelokastro Castle of the 13th century. You have to hike uphill under no shade protection but you will be rewarded by the stunning panoramic views of the many small bays of Paleokastritsa.

Paleokastritsa is a small village, touristically developed with many hotels and restaurants. Some claim that Nausica found Odysseus in the bay of Paleokastritsa, but as no archaeological monuments have been found so far, this claim remains unsupported.

If you are used to more warm waters you may find that Paleokastritsa’s seawater is cold.

A sandy beach with some people swimming.
Paradise Beach

Must-sees in Paleokastritsa:

  • The small-pebble beaches of Agia Triada, Agios Petros, and La Grotta.
  • Agios Spyridon large sandy beach – the most popular beach in Paleokastritsa, Expect crowds in peak season.
  • Paleokastritsa’s rare geological configuration has resulted in the existence of hundreds of caves that are a magnet for most tourists. You can visit the caves by boat. The cave of Agios Nikolaos with the purple corals and the strange coloration of the sea is a must-visit.
  • Paradise and Stellari, stunning sandy beaches with imposing cliffs, reachable only by boat, are usually deserted. The waters are so clear you can see every single fish and the color is an amazing light blue.

Best Accommodation in Paleokastritsa: Thomas Beach Studios

Swim in Canal d’Amour ❤️

Canal d’Amour

The Canal d’Amour, between the villages of Peroulades and Sidari, is a unique natural landscape of cavities and canals and one of the most special beaches of Corfu. The story goes that couples who swim in it stay in love forever.

Put on your mask explore the caves that have been created along the Canal and enjoy one of the most peculiar beaches in the world.

Where Best to Stay in Canal d’Amour: Takis Apartments (self-catering).

Discover the Twin Beach at Porto Timoni

Porto Timoni beach

Porto Timoni is a gorgeous twin beach separated by a low hill, and as it is difficult to access by land, a quiet and very clearwater beach. The waters on the south side of the beach are slightly warmer than the one that looks in the north. If you want to access it on foot, you need to go to the village of Afionas and hike for 30-40 minutes to the beach.

Indulge in Outdoor Activities on Corfu

Cape Drastis

Hike to the stunning and unspoiled Cape Drastis, a small fjord, at the northwesternmost point of Corfu. It is hidden in a beautiful, wooded landscape, and to get there you have to drive a jeep – on a rough dirt road, 1.5 km long, or else hike. You can dive off rocks and into the clear blue, transparent waters.

***Tip: Keep in mind that your mobile phone in some parts of the island might automatically connect to an Albanian network, in which case charges are different.

A sandy beach called Diapontia with some people having sunbath.
Diapontia Beaches

Sail to nearby Diapontia islands, the westernmost point of Greece, a real paradise! The cluster has 3 large islands with residents (Othonoi, Mathraki, and Ereikousa) and 9 uninhabited islets.

Ereikousa has endless sandy beaches with shallow turquoise waters and is ideal for a romantic weekend – Bella Vista Ereikousa (Best-rated hotel).

 Calypso Cave with some people inside and two small boats in Corfu Island.
Calypso Cave – Photo At Corfu

Othonoi has rugged and very steep rocky beaches and is ideal for scuba diving as there is a shipwreck at 10 meters in-depth and the beautiful cave of Kalypso that you can walk from one side to the other (wear good shoes, go with someone else and put on mosquito-repellent to visit the cave).

Hike to the Holy Monastery of High Pantokrator, at the northeastern end of the island, which stands at an altitude of 917 meters. The trail starts at Old Perithia and passes by the Old Hunting pavilion a total distance of 11 km and 450 m. positive difference in altitude. It is a challenging trail with medium difficulty, not for a first-time hiker.

Discover Ancient Corfu

Part of Corfu Archaeological and some trees in Spring.
Part of the Corfu Archaeological site

Go to Paleopolis, in the area now called Kanoni, from the Lagoon of Halikiopoulou, the ancient Hellenic Port to the Gulf of Garitsa, the port of Alkinoos, the Homeric king of the Phaeacians. The archaeological site includes Mon Repos, the estate with the summer palace, which now houses the Archaeological Museum of Paleopolis.

The ancient city was founded in the 8th century BC by Dorian Corinthian colonists. You can visit the archaeological site with the remains of:

  • the Ancient Agora.
  • the Doric Temple of Kardaki.
  • The temple is dedicated to Hera.
  • the Roman baths, the conservatory, pottery workshops, and the wall of the ancient city.
  • the Temple of Artemis Gorgos.

Where Best to Stay in Corfu Town

You can base yourself in Corfu town and travel the island by car/scooter or public buses or hike if you are a hiker like me. My first suggestion is a fantastic apartment near the Corfu town beach because I find it great to wake up, go for a quick dive, and return for breakfast.

View throw two windows to the sea from Lighthouse apartment. Best things to do on Corfu island.
Lighthouse apartment views

The lovely seaside Lighthouse Apartment (self-catering), is a minute away from the clear beach on the 4th floor, bright, with sea views and finely decorated rooms.

 A room with double bed from canthus Blue room and view to the building opposite. Best things to do on Corfu island.
Acanthus Blue room

If you prefer the convenience of a hotel (I love to find one every morning breakfast ready 😀 ) then Acanthus Blue, is one of the best choices in Corfu town. I love the stone walls and the picturesque views of the traditional old houses from the balcony of the room and the breakfast is simply massive.

When is Best to Go to Corfu

Theotokos Monastery in Paleokastritsa with plants in pots and voukamvilia in a sunny day.
Theotokos Monastery in Paleokastritsa

If you wish to travel to a Greek island in peak summer but you are not happy with the high temperatures of the Cyclades or Dodecanese, then Corfu is a great choice, as it stays much cooler during summer- although a bit humid at times. Corfu is a 4-season island to travel to, a cosmopolitan island always welcoming loyal visitors of many years.

The island’s popularity peaks both during the summer and in April (or May) during the Greek Orthodox Easter (May 5th, 2024). Corfu Island celebrates Easter most musically and spectacularly – the famous ceramic pots thrown off balconies.

If you want to find out more about Greek Orthodox Easter read my new post on Greek Orthodox Easter on Tinos Island.

How to Get to Corfu Island

You can fly to Corfu island from Athens Airport and the flight lasts about 60 min.  Olympic Air, Aegean, and Sky Express fly to Corfu.

Or you can drive from Athens to Igoumenitsa port and take the ferry to Corfu. There are ferries every 2-3 hours going to Corfu. Depending on the ferry you will take, the trip lasts between 1h and 10′ to 1 h and 45′. Book your ferry transfer with FerryScanner to secure your seat, especially if you travel during the summer. If you drive make a stop at Ioannina town.

There are also public buses that take you to Igoumenitsa (3 buses are running daily to the island) and the trip lasts about 6 hours, check for prices and book your seat here.

Island Hopping Tip: From Parga town on the mainland, you can go to Paxos island and from Paxos to Corfu!

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Other Unesco Monuments in Greece

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Besides Corfu Old Town there are currently 18 more UNESCO Monuments in Greece:

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