The Cyclades is the most famous group of Greek Islands and contains 33 islands.

Cyclades are easily recognized by their very distinct architecture, the whitewashed houses decorated with purple, pink, and fuchsia bougainvillea, the archaeological sites of the Cycladic Civilisation as well as the stunning vistas, lovely beaches, amazing, authentic Greek food, and breathtaking sunsets.

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kea island cover
Best Things to Do on Kimolos Island
Chora Serifos, the main town of the island

For your reference I have made this table with all the Cycladic islands where you can combine easier island hopping:

Western CycladesEastern Cyclades Southern CycladesKoufonisia (Small Cyclades)
KeaAntiparosAmorgosAno Koufonisi
KimolosAndrosAnafiKato Koufonisi