You have probably never thought that there are ski resorts in Greece and to be fair to you, this is kind of usual thinking when it comes to Greece. The majority of visitors to Greece dream of turquoise waters, sandy beaches, food tasting, and exploring the archaeological sites.

Meteora monasteries in Kalambaka covered in snow
Meteora Monasteries in Kalambaka in winter

It might come as a surprise to you but Greece is not just popular for summer vacations. Greece is also an impressive winter destination with numerous outdoor activities.

A very popular activity among Greeks of all ages is skiing the high and steep Greek mountains which cover 80% of the country’s land (yes, Greece has many many mountains!).

athens acropolis in snow during winter
Acropolis of Athens in winter

The snow season in Greece usually starts in December and continues well till March. Sometimes, while I hike in late May or even early June a high mountain, I can still see the snowy northern peaks.

Ski resorts in Greece Parnassos mountain snowclad peak
Parnassos Mt

There are 19 organized ski resorts in Greece and most of the ski centers are located near important historic sites. A good example is the oracle of Delphi and the Parnassos ski resort which are in close and convenient proximity for a 2-day trip to Delphi.

Ski resorts in Greece: Kalavryta
Kalavryta Ski Resort

In this post, you will find information about the 19 ski resorts in Greece, separated into three main regions: the Peloponnese, the central mainland, and northern Greece. You will also information on where to stay, the best sites to visit around the ski resorts, and a few basic driving tips in wintry and snowy Greece.

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  • Ski Resorts in Greece, Peloponnese (3)

    Hiking in Kalavryta, Chelmos Mt

    Peloponnese is located southwest of Athens and is home to some spectacular archaeological sites such as Mycenae and ancient Olympia, gorgeous towns such as Nafplion, and many mountainous villages. Kalavryta is one of them, beautiful, versatile, historical, and great for a weekend from Athens.

    Kalavryta Ski Center (Helmos Mt)

    Ski resorts in Greece: kalavrita ski center with skiers walking around the chalet
    Kalavryta ski resort

    Kalavryta village houses the biggest ski resort in the Peloponnese just 15 km far on the mountain of Helmos. and one of the most popular as it is just 187 km from Athens. The slopes are great for all levels of skiing and two are for children, one is certified for skiing competitions, while a fourth, at 3.2 kilometers, ranks as one of Greece’s longest slopes. There are even freeskiing slopes.

    Ski resorts in Greece: Helmos mountain
    Kalavryta – Helmos Ski resort

    Technical Info

    • 8 lifts
    • 13 slopes
    • a snowboard track at Vathia Lakka, with rails and half pipes
    • altitude ranging from 1,700 to 2,340 meters
    • Total 22.7 Km
    • Tickets for adults are €28 for high season and €18 for low season

    There is a chalet, ski training, and gear-renting shops available.

    Contact Kalavryta Ski Resort: (+30) 26920.244.51–2, website in Greek

    Where to Stay in Kalavryta

    Chalet in the Forest is a fantastic chalet in the forest in the Chelmos-Vouraikos National Park. It has a fireplace and storage area for your skiing gear.

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    Mainalo Ski Center Ostrakina

    • Ostrakina is a plain on Mainalo Mt at 1600 m in the Arkadia region, 162 km from Athens. It has 3 lifts and 7 slopes surrounded by beautiful fir trees


    • There is a chalet for snacks and hot chocolate, ski training, and gear-renting shops
    • Dedicated area for snowmobiles and snow tubes

    What to Visit

    • Kapsia Caves
    • Mantineia & Orchomenos Archaeological Sites
    • Vytina Village
    • Hike Menalon Trail

    Where to Stay

    Ski resorts in Greece: Ostrakina

    Ostrakina Ski Resort

    Ziria Ski Center

    • Ziria Mt is 160 km from Athens and just 10 km from the traditional village of Trikala Corinthias. It is a small ski center at 1500 m with 2 lifts and 2 slopes, ideal for beginner skiers and families


    • There is a chalet with a large open terrace overlooking the slope, perfect to sit when the sun is out
    • Inside the chalet, you can rent ski gear, and snowmobiles or organize mount ski for groups

    What to Visit

    • Trikala Korinthias
    • Doxas & Dasiou Lakes
    • Vytina Village

    Where to Stay

    Ski resorts in Greece: Ziria
    Ziria Ski Resort

    Ski Resorts in Greece, Center (3)

    Best Ski resort in Greece, Parnassos Mt

    • Parnassos ski Resort is the most organized and cosmopolitan ski resort in Greece. It is located 182 km north of Athens in impressive nature. It has 13 modern lifts and 23 slopes. Liakoura Peak is at 2457m


    • There are 2 connected centers, 1 in Fterolakka and 1 in Kellaria, both with chalets.
    • There are plenty of shops to rent or buy ski gear, restaurants, and cafes
    • Nightlife in Arachova village

    What to Visit

    Where to Stay

    Ski resorts in Greece: Parnassos`
    Parnassos Ski Resort

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    Velouchi Ski Center

    • Velouchi ski resort is 284 km northwest of Athens and 12 km from Karpenisi town. It has 5 lifts and 15 slopes at 1850 m in height.


    • There is a chalet, shops to rent or buy ski gear, restaurants, and cafes
    • Ski training for both adults and children
    • Best night ski slopes in Greece – for night ski lovers.

    What to Visit

    • Karpenissi Town
    • Dragon Lake
    • Hike Tymfristos Mt (peak at 2315 m)

    Where to Stay

    Velouchi Ski Resort

    Impressive Ski Resort in Greece, Pelion, Agriolefkes

    • Pelion Ski Center in Agriolefkes is 346 km north of Athens and 239 km from Thessaloniki. It has 5 lifts and 5 slopes, one is Lang-Lauf,  at 1471 m in height.


    • There is a chalet, shops to rent or buy ski gear, restaurants, and a cafe
    • Chania village is close if you prefer a traditional tavern
    • Ski training for both adults and children

    What to Visit

    Where to Stay

    Agliolefkes Ski Resort

    Ski Resorts in Greece, the North (13)

    Thessaloniki in snow

    As you travel to the north of Greece, the possibility of snow and finding a ski resort increases substantially! There are 13 ski resorts in the northern part of Greece, covering large Greek regions such as Ipiros, Macedonia, and Thrace.

    Some of the Greek ski resorts are quite small, and they may not be included in this list, but they are all worth visiting as they are always set in stunning nature with lots of other things to do in the area.

    Olympus Ski Center

    • Olympus Mt Ski Center in Vryssopoules (2450 peak) is unique not only because it is located on the highest and most famous Greek mount. The Olympus ski center belongs to the Greek army. However, it is open to the public every weekend between 9 am-3 pm


    • There are 2 easy slopes, 2 km each, 2 one-person lifts, and 1 baby lift. There is also a cafe that you can visit. Parking is allowed at a designated area about 15 minutes walk far from the center.

    What to Visit

    • The many picturesque villages around the ski center such as Litochoro

    Where to Stay

    • Stay in beautiful Litochoro at To Palio Litochoro stone mansion with fireplace in an amazing location


    Pertouli Ski Center

    • Pertouli Ski Center is a small center set in one of the most beautiful natural environments in Greece. Ideal for beginners and families is located 375 km north of Athens and 256 km from Thessaloniki.


    • It has 3 lifts and 3 slopes, at a 1340 m height peak
    • There are 3 chalets to visit and a shop to rent or buy ski gear
    • It has a large parking area and almost never has any access problems due to heavy snow

    What to Visit

    • Hiking Shelter of Koziakas
    • River Kefalopotamos
    • Pertouli village

    Where to Stay

    Pertouli ski resort with firs and a chalet
    Pertouli Ski Resort

    Anilio Park & Profitis Ilias

    • Anilio Park in Metsovo (peak 1850m) is 448 km from Athens and 212 km from Thessaloniki
    • It has 5 lifts and 9 slopes


    • There is a chalet and you can rent ski gear from the center
    • Ski and snowboard lessons are available

    What to Visit

    • The second nearby ski center of Prophitis Ilias is ideal for families and ski beginners
    • Metsovo town
    • Monastery of Zoodochou Pigis

    Where to Stay

    • Katogi Averoff Hotel & Winery is a traditional hotel with cellars that guests can visit and taste fantastic Greek wine (wine tasting after your skiing not before!)

    Anilio Park © GTP

    Vasilitsa Ski Center Grevena

    • Vasilitsa Ski Center (peak 2150m) is 458 km north of Athens and 211 km from Thessaloniki. It has 7 lifts and 17 slopes and has snow almost all winter


    • There is a chalet with a bar, cafe, restaurant, and gear to rent
    • Vasilitsa is one of the best ski resorts in Greece with excellent-quality snow

    What to Visit

    • Lakes Flegga & Smolikas
    • Grevena Town
    • Samarina village
    • Valia Kalda Park
    • Rafting in Venetiko river

    Where to Stay

    • Stay in Pindos Resort a stunning mountain shelter in a pine tree forest

    Vasilitsa Ski Resort

    Seli Ski Center

    • Seli Ski Center is in Veria (peak 1530m), 529 km north of Athens and 95 km west of Thessaloniki. It has 11 lifts, and 17 slopes,  2 of which are langlauf.
    • There is an impressive chalet with a pointy roof. There are shops to rent or buy ski gear, restaurants, cafes, and hiking shelters

    What to Visit

    • Vergina Site
    • Wine Tasting of local Xinomarvo
    • Lake Polifitoy & Velvento village

    Where to Stay

    • Stay in Villa Anthemia, a really lovely traditional house (ideal for cat lovers!)

    Seli Ski Resort

    3-5 Pigadia Ski Centre Naoussa

    • 3 – 5 Pigadia Ski Center is 546 km north of Athens and 109 km from Thessaloniki. It has 6 lifts, and 12 slopes, 3 of which are cross-country slopes, at 2005m height.


    • There is a chalet, a shelter, ski training, gear renting shops
    • Panoramic views of Olympus and Voras Mt while skiing
    • For 2021-2022 it will remain closed due to necessary renovations

    What to Visit

    • Vergina Site
    • Vegoritida Lake
    • Naoussa and Veria towns

    Where to Stay

    3-5 Pigadia Ski Resort

    Pisoderi Ski Center Florina

    • Pisoderi Ski Center is very close to North Macedonia, 179 km west of Thessaloniki. It has 5 lifts and 13 slopes, and as it is lit until 1 am, you can ski at night as well


    • I have been there during Christmas and I had a wonderful time – the snow was great too!
    • The chalet is large with a restaurant and a cafe
    • Easy access from the National Road

    What to Visit

    • Prespes Lakes
    • Nymfaio village
    • Amyntaio village
    • Florina
    • Vitsi ski center close to Kastoria

    Where to Stay

    Me with crazy hair in Pisoderi

    Lailia Ski Center, Serres

    Lailia ski center with chalet, people sitting outside chatting and some skiing
    Chalet and skiers enjoying a warm day

    Lailia Ski Center is 110 km northeast of Thessaloniki. It has 2 lifts, 1 track of 1200m, a baby lift, and 1 beginner track at 1471 m in height. The center has a chalet with a restaurant, cafeteria, ski and snowboarding schools, gear, and snowmobile rental stores.

    Lailia main track with skiers
    Lailia main track

    Nature is magnificent all around the Lailia ski center. Visit its many stone old bridges and Vrontou villages.

    Stay in Serres town at Metropolis Hotel, a great place for a stopover and to enjoy Serres.

    Elatochori Ski Center Pieria

    • Elatochori ski center has 10 slopes and 5 lifts, it is a well-organized center with provisions for all levels of ski experience
    • There is a restaurant, a cafe, rent and buy ski gear shops, and ski teachers


    • It is located at Pieria Mt at 1450 m, 7 km far from beautiful Elatochori village, 474 km from Athens, and 104 km from Thessaloniki

    What to Visit

    • Pieria Mt is the natural continuation of Olympus Mt and is ideal for hiking
    • Ritini village
    • Dion Site

    Where to Stay

    Elatochori Ski Resort

    Kaimaktsalan Ski Center (Vora)

    • Kaimaktsalan Ski Center is one of the best ski resorts in Greece with the highest peak at 2480m. You can find it 570 km north of Athens and 140 km from Thessaloniki


    • It has 6 lifts and 14 slopes for all levels of ski expertise
    • There are 2 chalets, a ski lessons center, gear rent, snowmobiles, and a souvenir shop

    What to Visit

    • Edessa waterfalls
    • Pozar village and Baths
    • Agios Athanasios village

    Where to Stay


    Falakro Ski Centre Drama

    • Falakro Ski Center is 346 km north of Athens and 239 km from Thessaloniki. It has 8 lifts and 21 slopes, some with big altitude differences, great for athletic events


    • It has 3 chalets with a restaurant, cafes, and bar, gear rent shops, ski training, and facilities for large groups of visitors. It is very close to the Bulgarian borders

    What to Visit

    • Ritini Village
    • Nestos river
    • Pyrgos canyon
    • Chionotrypa cave

    Where to Stay

    • Petrini Gonia, a beautiful hotel with magnificent views, cozy rooms, and garden

    Falakro Ski Center

    FAQ for Driving in Greece in Winter

    • If you would like to rent a car in Greece, you may need an International Driving Permit. However, the residents of the US, Canada Australia, the UK, and Gibraltar are exempted from this obligation and can rent with their national driving permits as long as they are over 18 years old (Article 94 of Greek Law No. 4850/2021 – November 5, 2021). Greeks drive the right-hand side of a street.
    • Always carry snow chains for your tires, you never know when the next crazy blizzard will find you
    • Most of the country is connected by a highway system that uses tolls – open all year round. However, smaller roads in the mountains might be closed due to heavy snow
    • Belts are mandatory and you get a huge fine if you haven’t fastened them up plus you are putting your life at risk if an accident happens
    • Young children should always be kept in their special seats, fastened, in the back seat. Children under 10 are not allowed in the front seat
    • Driving and talking on the phone also can give you a gigantic fine, use hands-free options
    • It’s illegal to drive with a blood-alcohol level of more than 0.05%
    • The middle lane of a 3-lane highway is used for overtaking – this is different from most places in the world where it is the outside lane 
    • The high-speed roads are in excellent condition. When you get off the main highways, the roads get significantly smaller and as all the ski resorts are on mountains, they may look a tad intimidating
    • All the ski resorts in Greece have parking places and they keep the roads clear from too much snow or add some salt to make them less slippery
    • Read here some regulations with regard to vehicles in Greece

    Did you visit a ski resort in Greece? Let me know what you think about skiing in Greece in the comments, I’d love to hear whether I managed to get it onto your bucket list! Till next time, Evgenia❤️

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