Are you looking for off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations for your next trip to the country? If yes, explore in this post Greece’s wealth of magnificent, yet lesser-known destinations, on both mainland and Greek islands.

Five Windmills in Leros Island, a road and some trees in a sunny day. Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
Leros Island Windmills

Greece’s most popular destinations are Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes, and Crete. However, there is an endless richness of less famous but equally beautiful destinations, ideal if you are searching for a low-key, authentic vacation in Greece.

Some buildings and trees. A couple walking in Gialova Peloponnese. Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
Gialova, Peloponnese

Be adventurous and discover an out-of-the-way beach, embark on a scenic mountain trek, and travel to real old-time Greek destinations!

Some of the best off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations are:

Many houses in the trees taken from a drone. Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
Pelion Villages
  • Leros Island in the Dodecanese
  • Skyros island in the Sporades
  • Kea island in the Cyclades
  • Pelion peninsula in mainland Greece, Thessalia region
  • Gialova seaside town in the southwestern Peloponnese
Whitewashed houses near the beach in Skyros Island, Magazia beach. Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
Skyros Island, Magazia beach

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Up next I am going to tell you about 5 of the best off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations!

Athens Quick Reference

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  • Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations

    Leros Island in the Dodecanese (a hidden gem in Greece)

    Whitewashed houses and shops beside the sea in Agia Marina, Leros. Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
    Agia Marina, Leros

    Leros is located in the Dodecanese, the Greek group of islands in eastern Greece close to Turkey. On its south, you will find Kalymnos, famous for the sponges and rock climbing, and on its north, the smaller islands of Lipsi, Arki, and Strogylo.

    A beach in Leros Island with some olive trees and bushes and a boat in the sea in a sunny day. Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
    Leros beach

    Leros or else the island of goddess Artemis is characterized by low green hills and plains. Its mountainous side looks like an open-air museum of World War II because of the ruins that still stand in their place. Leros’ elaborate shape has created countless bays with unspoiled beaches and is surrounded by many small islands and islets, ideal for your sea adventures.

    This island still feels like old Greece and is one of the best off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations. Things to do in Leros are:

    A windmill beside the sea, some houses and a restaurant in Agia Marina, Leros.  Off-The-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations.
    Leros Agia Marina
    • Explore Lakki, Leros’ port. It will impress you with its beautiful neoclassical houses that will remind you of Giorgio De Chirico
    • Find the Pyrgospita, the medieval 2-story buildings, with decorative defensive elements (in Gourna, Lakki, and Vagia). The Pyrgospita is a remnant of times when the inhabitants had to protect themselves from the constant pirate raids.
    Credit: Eve Koutoumanou
    • Near the capital, Agia Marina, and Panteli you will see the impressive windmills, while all over the islands there are scattered old Byzantine churches
    • Go to the imposing castle of Panagia on Apitiki Hill with a breathtaking view
    • Discover Partheni village built in a fertile valley, where remains of the temple of Artemis were found, dating back to the 8th or 7th century BC.

    As for Leros’ beaches, there are so many choices that you have to stay for a few days to explore them all:

    Leros Panagia of Kavouradena
    • In the amphitheatrically built Agia Marina beach, the shallow waters are ideal for families with small children
    • Alinda sandy beach, just after Agia Marina, is surrounded by pine trees and is ideal for water sports
    • At Xirokampos beach you can have free diving lessons. Nearby there is also the cove of Panagia of Kavouradena with the tiny, unique chapel, which is built on the rock.

    Where to stay on Leros Island

    Asterias rooms

    Asterias: A lovely self-catering accommodation with killer views from its balcony and rooms decorated in white and blue tones.

    If you love swimming pools in seafront hotels with a touch of luxury then Alidian Bay Suites Leros might be what you are looking for!

    Where to Eat in Leros

    A tavern beside the sea with people having their dinner in Mylos Island.
    Mylos Restaurant

    Leros is home to fresh fish in huge variety and quantity. So, if you love fish and seafood, you must try the “koukouvades” (fish marinated with rosemary), but also octopus, fried mussels, and sea urchins. Alternatively, lemon goat and cabbage dolmades are among the local specialties.

    • Psaropoula in Panteli: Fresh fish in a seafront restaurant with must-have shrimp pasta and fish soup. The beach’s sunbeds and umbrellas are offered to customers free of charge.
    • Mylos in Ag. Marina by the old windmill, at Mill, besides fresh fish, you will find delicious shrimp pilaf, octopus meatballs, and seafood pasta.
    • Petrino in Lakki, with French and Greek cuisine. Its specialty is the chicken spit a la crème.

    How to get to Leros
    Leros is connected to Piraeus and other ports of the Aegean. The conventional ferries make the route “Piraeus – Leros” in approximately 9.5 hours while the high-speed ferries make the route in approximately 8 hours. Leros is connected to Athens International Airport, the flight takes 1 hour, and to Thessaloniki Airport.

    You are reading about the best off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations.

    Skyros Island in the Sporades

    A beach called Atsitsa in Skyros with trees and a lot of bushes.
    Skyros, Atsitsa Beach

    Only 1,5 hours by ferry from Kymi port in Evia island, Skyros is a top off-the-beaten-track Greece destination. Skyros is located right in the middle of the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Sporades islands. In the Sporades, you will find Skyros’ more famous siblings of Skopelos and Skiathos (Mamma Mia’s locations).

    An alley with whitewashed houses and ships, some plants in pots in a sunny day.
    Skyros Chora

    Skyros Island is famous for:

    • its tiny Skyrian ponies
    • its raucous, primitive carnival
    • the beautiful handmade ceramics and other artifacts
    • the delicious cuisine, and numerous beautiful beaches.
    Skyros Castle

    Mythology Tip: Achilles, the ancient hero, according to Greek mythology, went to Skyros in his attempt to escape participating in the war against Troy. The Oracle Kalchas from Mycenae had predicted that Achilles would die during this war and he was trying to avoid it. Unfortunately, Achilles went to the Trojan War where he died.

    Many whitewashed houses on the cliff and the fortress on the top in Skyros Chora.
    Skyros Chora

    What to do in Skyros?

    • Explore Chora, with cubic Cycladic-style houses, and walk towards the Byzantine-era castle on the top of the hill
    • Discover the Skyrians’ shops with hand-carved and stained wood objects
    A sandy beach with many people, trees and bushes and a yacht in the sea in a sunny day.
    Skyros beaches
    • Find out about Skyros’ ancient monasteries such as the Monastery of Saint George (960 CE)
    • Half of the island is deeply forested and the other half is rugged and rocky with many trails ideal for hiking
    • Enjoy the many long sandy and quiet beaches on Skyros, as most of them are relatively uncrowded.

    Best Beaches on Skyros Island:

    • The very long sandy beach in Magazia is partially organized
    • The 1 km sandy beach of Gyrismata
    • Molos, the nearby beach to Chora, Kalogria, Kyra Panagia, and stunning Atsitsa

    Where to stay in Skyros

    Aelia Collection Suites

    Aelia Collection Suites – Adults Friendly is one of the best hotels to stay in Skyros. It ticks all the boxes: Amazing sea view, privacy, swimming pool, very nice decorative touches, traditional style, amazing staff.

    Villa Mantalena is a beautiful beachfront property in Gyrismata Beach, with traditional wooden beams and artifacts set amidst a large garden.

    Where to eat

    • Agios Petros (Tacos) tavern in Trachy village: they use in the delicious dishes their own production of vegetables, cheese, and meats. Try excellent goat and rabbit stew, oil pie with sour cheese, and amazing gruyere with pepper.
    • Antonis Tavern in a courtyard on the beach, where the owner brings the fish and his wife Maria is in charge of the kitchen. One of the few places where you’ll find rockfish in the pan and stonefish with whiskers – all fresh.

    How to get in Skyros

    You can fly from Athens or Thessaloniki or you can take the ferry from Kymi port in Evia island. Arriving at the port of Kymi, you will take the ferry Achilleas (the company that issues tickets for the ferry is located at the pier of the port ) and in about one and a half hours you will be at the port of Skyros, Linaria.

    You are reading about the top off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations.

    Kea Island in the Cyclades

    Kea island alley with bougainvillea.
    Kea, Ioulida Chora

    Kea island, or Tzia, is a beautiful Cycladic island, just an hour from Athens port of Lavrion. Although it belongs to the group with some of the most popular Greek islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Paros), is a very low-key vacation island.

    A hotel called Agrikea on the cliff with a beautiful sunset in Kea Island.
    Kea Photo: Agrikea Hotel

    Kea will fascinate you with its diverse landscape and rich historical tradition. The terrain is characterized by steep mountains, small meadows, olive groves, vineyards, ravines, picturesque coves, and secluded beaches.

    Evgenia hiking in Kea Island.
    Hiking Kea Island

    For this reason, Kea is a very popular hiking destination and you often see hikers on its impressive beaches or in the largest oak forest in the Cyclades or the many small caves. Follow the trails – a total of 81 km long – and discover the four ancient independent city-states of the island (Ioulida, Karthea, Korissia, Poiessa).

    Greek Island hiking, Karthea Temple in Kea Tzia Island.
    Ancient Karthea, Kea

    Sail around Kea, go to remote crystal clear blue beaches, and dive into its many shipwrecks under the sea. It is even said that the ancient Greek fleet sank here during its victorious return from Troy!

    Panoramic view of Ioulis, Capital town of Kea island.
    Ioulida on Kea island

    The capital of Kea, Ioulida, is located in the center of the island, built on the site of the ancient city of the same name. It is a picturesque settlement full of traditional houses with tiled roofs, cobbled alleys, and many stairs.

    A sandy beach called Otzias with some people on Kea island.
    Otzias Beach on Kea Greece

    Best Beaches on Kea Island:

    • Otzias, is one of the most popular beaches in Kea, in a beautiful bay with characteristic Cycladic beauty. The beach is covered with golden sand and fine pebbles while the waters are clear blue and relatively deep
    • Sikamia beach is generally a magical landscape. It is not an organized beach. Access requires crossing a 4 km dirt road but it really is worth the effort
    • Pisses beach, is located at the edge of a verdant valley with olive groves that end in a long sandy beach with tamarisk trees. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as facilities for food and coffee. Its western orientation offers unobstructed views of the sunset.

    Where to stay

    A table fool of breakfast, coffee, fresh orange juice, jam, bread, fried eggs at La Maison Vert Amande.
    La Maison Vert Amande Breakfast

    Exceptional Agrikea, is a modern property with an outdoor eco-lap pool with sea views, pet friendly with delicious breakfast.

    La Maison Vert Amande is a lovely 19th-century accommodation, 3 minutes from Spathi Beach in a lovely garden.

    Where to eat in Kea

    • Kalofagades tavern in Ioulida with a gorgeous terrace overlooking the opposite hill, for amazing grilled meats, next to the Tschiller-designed town hall of Kea
    • Mimi’s Strofi is a seafront fresh fish restaurant with your feet submerged in the sand while watching a magical sunset
    • Christoforos tavern on Pisses Beach, for fresh fish and Greek cuisine, is considered to be – probably – the best taverna in Kea

    How to get there
    Kea can be mainly reached by Lavrio port in Athens in an hour. Check FerryScanner for ferries to Kea. Lavrio port is right after Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, at the end of the Athens Riviera.

    Read my dedicated post on what is best to do on Kea island.

    Mainland Off-the-Beaten-Track Greece Destinations

    Pelion Mountain, Thessalia region

    Plaka beach on Pelion Mt. Credit: giorgos.kzs

    Pelion, or else the Mountain of the Centaurus, is a deeply forested and fertile peninsula with 28 traditional, and picturesque villages surrounded by the Aegean Sea. Pelion is a 4-season destination as it has everything you need for your summer or winter vacations.

    Black Orthodox Saints Tsagkarada Square and church.
    Tsagarada Square and Church

    The villages are scattered between the Pagasetic Gulf and the open Aegean Sea all around the magical mountain of Pelion. With easy access through the national road from either Athens or Thessaloniki, Pelion is a hidden gem, a very popular destination for Greeks.

    Main square in Portaria, a building, chairs and tables and many flowers in pots in Pelion Portaria.
    Pelion Portaria

    After you have left behind the port town of Volos, you reach the first beautiful villages of Pelion, Makrinitsa, and Portaria. Traveling towards Zagora in the east, you see forests, mansions, stone fountains, and cobblestone alleys. Each village has a few centuries-old churches, covered in a multitude of trees and flowers. Reaching the eastern Pelion you arrive in Damouchari, the third location (the other two are Skopelos and Skiathos) of the Mamma Mia movie.

    Evgenia in Tsagkarada Pelion beside and old stone bridge in Pelion Tsagarada.
    Pelion Tsagarada, old bridge

    Pelion is an outdoor sports paradise, with a ski resort in Chania, and numerous hiking trails, scuba diving, climbing, sailing, and canyoning choices. In Milies village, you can take the old train to Ano Lechonia, a magical route, passing through trees, forests, and over 12 bridges.

    A stone beach called Mylopotamos with many swimmers in a sunny day in Pelion.
    Mylopotamos beach in Pelion

    Pelion has some of the most impressive beaches in Greece: Plaka, Fakistra, Mylopotamos, and Chorefto are stunning sandy beaches, easily accessible.

    Last but not least, Pelion is famous for its traditional cuisine, the fruits, and the local jams and sweets.

    How to Get to Pelion: By private car or public bus from Athens (360 km) or Thessaloniki (252 km). You can also fly to Volos, the town port near Pelion

    You are reading about fun off-the-beaten-track Greece destinations.

    Gialova Greece, Peloponnese

    Α sidewalk with people and some shops on the sides with people sitting in a beautiful sunset in Gialova Peloponnese.
    Gialova at sunset

    Gialova is a small seaside village in the southwestern Peloponnese in the Navarino Bay, surrounded by the olive-tree-covered Messinian hills. It is touristically advanced and you can find all kinds of hotels, apartments, and even an organized campsite for your accommodation.

    Gialova beach

    What is really exciting about Gialova, besides being a beautiful, relaxing, seaside village is that it offers a large number of nearby stunning natural and historical sites. You can see the shipwrecks of the Battleship of Navarino in 1827 while snorkeling on the nearby beaches.

    Many Flamingos in Gialova Lagoon.
    Gialova Lagoon – Photo: Cycling Gialova

    Near Gialova you will find the Gialova lagoon one of the most important wetlands of Europe for migratory birds of the Balkans to and from Africa. You will see 254 species of birds such as herons, cormorants, flamingos, ospreys, kingfishers, and the African chameleon, which is considered endangered.

    A beach called Voiokoilia with beautiful blue water in a sunny day. Voidokoilia is uniquely shaped like the Greek letter omega with a fine sandy beach.
    Voiokoilia beach

    Another stunning natural site is Voidokilia Beach, characterized as a “Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. Voidokoilia is uniquely shaped like the Greek letter omega with a fine sandy beach and nearby you can find the mega-resort of Costa Navarino. Above the beach, you can hike to the cave of Nestor, while just above is Paleokastro offering impressive vistas.

    Waterfall Polylimnio with a lot of green in Gialova.
    Polylimnio Falls

    22 km from Gialova you can explore the Polylimnio Falls, 30 km from Kalamata. It is a large lake that due to the uneven terrain creates smaller lakes and waterfalls. Walk along the specially designed path between the trees and on wooden bridges and experience the beautiful landscape. You can swim but avoid diving from a rock, there might be rocks very close to the surface of the water.


    In the other direction is ancient Pylos, where excavations have unveiled a large Mycenaean-era palace, popularly named Nestor’s Palace after the local king in the Iliad. Modern Pylos is a beautiful seaside village and nearby is another gem, Methoni village with its extensive medieval castle.

    The Mycenean Palace of Nestor in Pylos, Peloponnese.
    Nestor’s Palace in Pylos

    Best family beaches in Gialova:

    • Golden Beach or Divari Beach, a vast sweep of fine gold sand with trees for shade, shallow and calm water, safe for young children
    • Gialova beach is sandy and organized with sunbeds and umbrellas

    Where to stay in Gialova Greece

    Mylos Apartments

    Mylos Apartments are perfect if you are a family. It is a beautiful self-catering property with a large garden and light-colored, spacious rooms.

    If you prefer hotels – great for both families and couples – then you will love the seafront Zoe Seaside Resort. It has everything you may need on your vacation: sunbeds, a swimming pool, a large garden, and near all the bars and restaurants in Gialova.

    Where to eat in Gialova

    • Deroko Casual Fine Dining Restaurant: Seafront fine Mediterranean cuisine at the end of Gialova beach
    • Spitiko Tavern: seaside family-run tavern with a traditional Greek menu
    • Kochyli: seafront fish tavern with the original Mediterranean recipes

    How to get there

    Gialova is 275 km from Athens if you travel through E65 national road, get to Kalamata through E55, and from there take the smaller road 82 to Gialova.

    Alternatively, you can fly to Kalamata and rent a car from there.

    When is Best to Go to an Off-Beaten-Track Destination

    The least touristy areas in Greece have as expected a smaller season with the exception of Gialova as it is on the mainland and easier to reach. The busiest and liveliest times for the islands would be July and August and the waters will be at its warmest the early days of September.

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    Let me know what you think about visiting off-beaten-track Greece in the comments, I’d love to hear whether I managed to get it onto your bucket list! Till next time, Evgenia❤️

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