10 Unique Things to Do in Greece in March

We have a saying for Greece in March which is difficult to translate into English but the general concept of the saying is that “During March in Greece the weather is bitterly cold and we have to burn many logs”. This was true, March used to be a cold month but it was before the whole climate crisis because this year (2024) the temperature was mostly between 19-22 C and at the end of the month in some areas in Greece reached 27 C which is unprecedented.

By the way, the saying in Greek is “Martis, gdartis kai kakos paloukokaftis” a real mouthful 😀

Athens in March, Areopagus Hill

So, the big question is where should you go if you would like to visit Greece in March? Assuming that in 2025 the weather will be similarly warm, the majority of the businesses on the islands will not be operating but this should not stop you. The islands are not a park that has timetables. They all have residents and businesses such as cafes, bars, taverns, and similar that cater to the locals. There are also more than enough hotels to book.

Delphi in March

So to reply to your question where should you go to Greece in March? Well, everywhere will be just great! Perhaps not great for swimming (unless you go to the springs of Thermopylae) but great with flowers and cool enough weather to explore the mountainous Greek landscapes.

I have grouped destinations in Greece for your convenience as I believe they are gorgeous places that are worth a visit and where you will have a fantastic time in every traveling aspect.

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My Latest Video for Greece in March

Last March I walked around central Athens to some of my favorite archaeological sites: From Monastiraki Square to Hadrian’s Library and from the Roman Agora to Athens’ ancient Cemetery Kerameikos. More ideas about what to do in Greece in March:

1. Explore the UNESCO Monasteries: Meteora, Athos, Osios Loukas

Best places to visit in Greece: Athos monestery
Athos Monastery

Greece has numerous monasteries, churches, and chapels found in every corner all over the country. However, there are a few that are quite special to visit with a dreamy and spiritual atmosphere, unique architecture, and high cultural value, such as the Meteora and Athos Monasteries, and Osios Loukas Monastery.

Athos Mount Monasteries (Accessible only to men)

Athos Monastery. Photo Aris Fotiadis

Mount Athos, a UNESCO-listed monument, is an autonomous and self-governed territory of Greece where only men are allowed on their premises. It occupies the whole of the third peninsula of Halkidiki Greece, about 50 km in length. There are twenty Eastern Orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos (17 Greek, 1 Russian, 1 Bulgarian, and 1 Serbian).

The visit to the monasteries has been described as a unique spiritual experience.

Ouranoupoli Port to Mount Athos

If you would like to visit Athos Monastery, you need to get to Ouranoupoli to get on the ferry. Most importantly, you need a certain permit (that is valid only for 4 days) to go to Athos and stay overnight. Find details on how to get the permit from the Athos website here.

Meteora Rocks and Monasteries

Roussanou Meteora Monasteries
Meteora Monasteries

The Meteora Monasteries, a UNESCO-listed monument, is an extensive complex of gigantic sandstone rocks shadowing the local town Kalambaka, 347 km north of Athens. On top of the rocks, you can visit the 6 working Monasteries that house unique religious objects and libraries.

At the Monasteries, you get to visit one of the most spectacular areas in Greece and also learn about religious practices and art. For more info on how to get to Meteora, when to visit, and details of the monasteries, visit my dedicated post on Meteora Monasteries.

Osios Loukas Monastery

Osios Loukas Monastery is another UNESCO-listed monastery, 37 km southeast of Delphi. It is the most important Byzantine monument of Greece of the 11th century, founded on a picturesque slope on the western foothills of Mount Helicon, on top of an ancient Greek temple devoted to Demeter.

Greece in March: Osios Loukas and mount Helicon
Osios Loukas and Mount Helicon

Some Byzantine experts go as far as to claim that Osios Loukas Monastery is the most beautiful church in Greece. It shares some characteristics with the other 2 UNESCO Byzantine monuments of Daphni Monastery in Athens and the Nea Moni in Chios but in my opinion, it is quite a unique place.

You can combine the visit to Osios Loukas Monastery with the Delphi archaeological site. If you can stay overnight I suggest you stay at the lovely seaside villages of Galaxidi or Itea.

2. Road Trip to Pelion Peninsula

Pelion Villages

Four-season destination Pelion Mountain is a gorgeous large peninsula in mainland Greece surrounded by the Aegean Sea. It has more than 70 villages and settlements to explore, inside an abundance of oak and chestnut forests, deep gorges with streams, centuries-old houses and churches, and stunning beaches.

What to do in Pelion Greece, over view of Milina village
Pelion seaside villages

As soon as you arrive in the port town of Volos (famous for its ouzo seafood taverns), you will feel you are going on an amazing adventure. Driving through the traditional settlements of Portaria, Makrinitsa, Tsagarada, and Zagora to Damouchari of Mamma Mia, will become your favorite place in Greece. This is my favorite place in Greece and I visit it as often as I can!

Must dos in Pelion: food tasting in the taverns you find in the villages and hiking!

Best resort in Pelion: Archontiko Sakali

3. Hike Menalon Trail in the Peloponnese

Gorge of Lousios in Menalon Trail

Peloponnese is the location of famous archaeological sites such as Ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Ancient Olympia. As you roam this fascinating area you will travel to romantic towns such as Nafplion, and Kalamata and small fishing villages such as Kardamili, Pylos, and Methoni.

Travel in Greece: Menalon Trail with a church on top of the mountain
Menalon Trail

Peloponnese has also one of the most perfectly signposted and most popular hiking trails in Greece, the 75.2 km Menalon Trail. The beautiful Arkadian Menalon mountain connects 9 traditional settlements and there are 8 trails that you can choose from, for various difficulties (none of which is for totally beginner hikers).

Check out here detailed hiking posts for 2 of the gorgeous Menalon Trails that I have hiked:

4. Tour the Argo Saronic Islands in Athens

Hydra Island

The Argo Saronic is a popular group of beautiful and versatile islands near Athens. You can get there all year round by taking the ferries in Athens’ main port, Piraeus. They are perfect to visit even if you only have a few hours in Athens as you can be in historical Aegina in 60 minutes or cosmopolitan Hydra in 2 hours!

Aegina island

If you have 6 to 8 days, why not hop to the islands and stay a night or more in each one of them and discover the sites? Poros and Spetses are very close to the Peloponnese as well so you can make a great tour of both the islands and the mainland!

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5. Follow the Steps of Apostle Paul in Greece

Apostle Paul's second missionary journey
Apostle Paul’s journey to Greece

Apostle Paul during his second missionary journey in 49 AD, visited Greece for the first time. From Troas in today’s Turkey, he went to Samothrace, a small, rocky Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea where he stayed for only one night in Paleopolis.

Greece in March: Altar of Apostle Paul in Samothrace
Altar of Apostle Paul in Samothrace

Honoring this visit, the Greek church of Samothrace has erected a monument called the ‘Altar of Apostle Paul’. In the middle of the construction, there is a panel with inscriptions telling the story of the Apostle Paul.

Greece in March: Philippi archaeological site
Philippi archaeological site

From Samothrace, he then went to Neapoli (modern name Kavala). At the place where he landed, there is today the holy Church of St.Nicholas. Afterward, the Apostle walked along the ancient Egnatia Odos, the 12 km to Philippi in Macedonia, which is today a UNESCO monument.

Acropolis, Odeon of Herodes Attikus

His next stops were in Thessaloniki and Veria where he didn’t stay for long. Soon he reached Athens, which had lost the power and glamor of its classical years (450 years before the Apostle’s visit). However, Athens was still considered the capital of philosophy and knowledge of what was then the known world. 

Ancient Agora of Athens

In Athens, he preached in Ancient Agora to anyone interested in listening. The followers of the Epicurean and Stoic philosophies took him then to the Areopagus Hill in Acropolis, where Apostle Paul spoke about the new ‘Uknown God’. In Areopagus, you can see today an inscription with Apostle Paul’s preach pinned on the rock.

He then left Athens and went to Ancient Corinth, where he met Priscilla and Aquila. Apostle Paul preached about the new God from the large platform (Bema) located in the center of the Roman Agora of Ancient Corinth, which officials used to address the citizens.

Kechries ancient port

After spending a year and a half in Corinth, Apostle Paul decided it was time to move on to his next destination. He went to Kechries, ancient Corinth’s one of the 2 ports, where he had his head shaved to end a vow he had taken. From there, he boarded a ship to Ephesus, we presume in 51 or 52 CE.  

6. Discover Evia Island

Tsilaros beach in Evia island

Evia and Lefkada are the only Greek islands that can be reached by land as they are both connected to the mainland by a bridge. Evia is the second largest island in Greece – right after Crete in the south – a very fertile and green island, famous for its beaches.

Greece in March:  Evia Megali Ammos beach
Evia’s Megali Ammos beach

One of Evia’s famous beaches, Chiliadou, was awarded in 2023 as the best European film location (Triangle of Sadness was filmed there).

Greece in March: Paliouras village in Evia island
Paliouras village in Evia

Evia is full of wonderful beaches, gorges (Dimosaris), forests, seaside towns (Karystos, Agia Anna, Paliouras) archaeological sites, waterfalls(Drimonas), the famous Dragon Houses, the volcano-made Lichadonisia and the gorgeous seafront fishing villages. From Evia’s port Mantoudi, you can take the ferry to Skiathos and Skopelos, the 2 Mamma Mia Greek Islands!

You will need at least a week to explore Evia Island.

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7. Go to Western Greece, Zagori, Vikos Gorge, Ioannina

All road trips in Greece are great, no matter the season. But this particular road trip is a favorite of mine as it combines sightseeing with spectacular natural landscapes both on the mainland and on Greek islands.

Ioannina town and lake

Ideally, you would start your road trip from Thessaloniki which is much closer to Ioannina (260 Km) than Athens (411). Through Egnatia Odos, you get to Ioannina town with the beautiful lake and the unique old town.

Stay overnight in Ioannina at the exceptional ARCHONTARIKI Historic Boutique Hotel.

Zagorochoria, Monodendri

Next day drive to mountainous Zagorochoria, a cluster of 46 lovely villages. Stroll popular Mikro and Megalo Papigko villages and stay at Monodendri village overnight. If you would like to hike Vikos Gorge, I suggest you speak in advance with a local guide to let you know of the weather conditions and the flow of the Voidomatis River.

Vikos Gorge hiking

After Vikos drive south towards seafront picturesque Parga and take the ferry to Paxos a beautiful small island full of olive trees and impressive landscape. Finally, you can hop to Corfu from Paxos, which is 60 to 90 minutes away (depending on the vessel you will take).

Travel Tips for this Road Trip

  • Visit the stunning Dodoni archaeological site, which is 20 km to the south of Ioannina.
  • If you hike Vikos Gorge, be prepared for all kinds of weather – from pleasantly warm to snow and rain. Don’t go alone and check the weather forecast in advance. Voidomatis River can be very dangerous.
  • Save at least 7-8 days for this trip.
  • Rent a car, otherwise, you will spend a huge amount of time traveling and waiting for bus connections.

8. Explore Food Tours in Athens

Heraklion frut and vegetable open market
Open fruit and veggie market in Greece

If you are visiting Greece in March, you are most likely landing in Athens. The weather in Athens in March is always calmer with a few rainy days that will allow discover the fantastic city! The cruise ships start arriving by the end of March, so it will feel like you are one of the locals.

If you love food tasting, then Athens (and Greece in general) will become a favorite destination. Some of the best food tours that you can take in Athens are:

Gourmet Food Walking Tour in Athens

Santorini best diners for anniversary Metaxy mas Greek Salad
Greek Salad

This is a 4-hour walking tour around the old part of Athens where Varvakios, the central fish, meat, and vegetable market of Athens is. Your friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional guide will take you to the backstreets of Athens to sample local delicacies (in generous portions) and learn a lot about Greek culture.

I believe a great food tour is an ideal way to learn about the local culture. Find out more and book this amazing gourmet food tour in Athens here!

Wine Tasting with a Sommelier under the Acropolis

Greece in March: Wine-tasting under the Acropolis in a posh restaurant
Wine-tasting under the Acropolis

This wine tour is 1.5 hours long and is perfect if you would like to combine a Greek indigenous variety of wine tasting with a unique experience at a rooftop restaurant across from the Acropolis.

An exceptional Greek sommelier guides the wine tour and you will get the chance to taste 3 red and 3 white wines, depending on what is best of the year you are visiting. The wine is accompanied by tapas and afterward, you can stay on for an amazing dinner.

Book your seat for this fantastic Greek wine journey in Athens here!

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Archaeological Sites in Athens

March in Athens is a great time to explore the archaeological sites at half-price if you are visiting just the Acropolis Hill or Ancient Agora. A must-visit (and free) site is the Change of the Guards ceremony in front of the Hellenic Parliament.

If you intend to stay for at least 2 days in Athens then I recommend you purchase the ‘package’ ticket that gives you access to 7 major sites for the current price of €30 and is valid for 5 days. The sites that you can visit with your package ticket are:

9. Discover Volcanic Greece: Santorini, Milos, Nisyros

Santorini Firostefani caldera, Greece in March
Santorini caldera (sunken part)

If you love volcanic landscapes then Greece is a great country to explore them as it has active volcanos found in the 500 km long arc of the south Aegean Sea. The most famous volcano-shaped island in Greece is Santorini but it is not the only one!

Methana, Peloponnese volcano

The northern edge of the Greek volcano arc is in Sousaki, near Loutraki town in the Peloponnese, an inactive volcano with no crater but strong hydrothermal activity. Next in the arc is Aegina island, shaped by volcanoes in the past, and Methana in the Peloponnese, an active volcano with 30 small craters.

The volcano in Nea_Kameni Santorini
Nea Kameni crater and Santorini in the background

Santorini is one of the largest underwater active volcanoes in the world, with the world’s largest crater. The largest and most destructive eruption occurred around 1,600 BC when the middle of the island sunk and raised a huge tsunami. Nea Kameni island across from Santorini is one crater and Koloumbo underwater volcano is in the northeast of Santorini. The last volcano activity was in 1950.

Milos in the Cyclades is also a volcano island with 2 inactive craters, Fyriplaka and Trachila.

Greece in September Nisyros island
Nisyros crater

Nisyros is a volcanic island in the Dodecanese, situated between Kos and Tilos, and has a total of 5 craters with the largest being “Stefanos”. It is the youngest active, large volcano in the Aegean, with a wonderfully preserved caldera with a diameter of 4 km.

During your stay on the island, and before or after your visit to the craters, visit the Volcanological Museum and the permanent Volcanological Observatory.

Why to Go to Santorini in March?

Oia, Santorini

What it will be like to visit Santorini in March? First of all, no island is closed during the low season. Greek islands have permanent residents who have businesses, kids, who go to schools, and other similar normal stuff. What it does close are the large resorts/restaurants/bars. Everything else will be open for visitors but without the crowds.

Santorini in March

So why should you go to Santorini in March?

  • If you prefer mild temperatures and not hot Greek summers, March is a great month for Santorini. Temperatures usually range from the mid-50s to mid-60s Fahrenheit, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the many villages on the island
  • You love walking on quieter beaches, archaeological sites and to more relaxed restaurants
  • There are special events you can attend: Saint Gerasimos is celebrated on the first Sunday of March with a procession of the Saint’s icon throughout the streets of Oia and is a truly unique experience
  • Santorini’s nature will be covered in green grass with wildflowers, a beautiful view that you don’t get the chance to see in summer
  • Much more reasonable prices for all levels of accommodation. If you are after luxury and stunning views of the caldera at competitive prices then you should stay at Athina Luxury Suites in Fira!

10. Tour Beautiful Crete Island

Best things to do on Crete island, Chania old port
Chania town

Crete will be the warmest area to be in Greece in March! Crete is the largest island in Greece separated into four distinct regions with a wealth of natural wonders, archaeological sites, mesmerizing coast villages, and mouth-watering food.

With easy air and ferry access from Athens, wherever you go on Crete will be just amazing. Have fun!

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Events to Attend all over Greece in March

  • March 6th, Melina Mercouri Memorial Day: all archaeological sites, museums, and monuments have free entrance.
  • March 25th, Greek Independence Day (from Ottomans): grand parades are organized in every city, town, and village. It is a National Holiday and all Museums and Sites remain closed. However, there is sometimes free entrance to the sites, please check out the news or send me an email here.
  • March 10th, Athens Half Marathon. Details for registration here.
  • Nafplion Marathon.

Tips for visiting Greece in March

  • Leave Santorini or any other Cycladic island that you may want to visit such as Mykonos, at the latest possible in March. Note that Mykonos will be very quiet, with no beach bar open and Delos archaeological site opens on April 1st and closes on November 30th.
  • There are direct ferries to all the islands from Athens but it might be trickier to get from one island to the other, especially if they are not of the same island group. It might be better and faster to take a flight from Athens.
  • If you hike on a mountain, do so with someone else and be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.
  • Check out my dedicated post on general information for first-time visitors in Greece.
  • And if you are visiting Greece on the first Sunday of every month between November and March, the entrance to the sites is free!

What is the Weather like in Greece in March?

The later in March you are visiting the warmer it is getting. Athens has mild, warm weather with Crete island being the warmest island in Greece with 2-4 C higher and Thessaloniki 3-5 C cooler.

In the evenings in Greece, the temperature falls significantly, so you will need a warm jacket, preferably with rain protection, to go around.

When is Best to Visit Greece

If you’re looking for the absolute best time to visit Greece though, I’d say mid-September is about as perfect as it gets. The weather is as warm as it is during the summer, especially the first 15 days. Most Greeks have gone back home because the schools open in early September and the hotels have reduced their prices. A really lovely time to be in Greece!

Is it Worth Going to a Greek Island in March?

Yes, it is worth it as long as you know what to expect: no crowds, mostly the locals going about their businesses on the island, cool weather with perhaps some rain, and overcast or brilliant blue skies great for sunbathing. And if you love hiking in the islands, March is the perfect weather for that!

How to Get to Athens Port (Piraeus) from Athens Airport

Bus X96 Peiraias Port to Athens Airport
Airport Bus
  • Bus: If you are arriving at Athens International Airport you can travel straight to the port by taking the X96 express bus (€5.5, children <6 yo, free entrance), which departs every 40 minutes and the average trip lasts 1 hour – runs 24/7.
  • Metro: (€9) is easily found across airport arrivals (blue line – M3) going directly to Piraeus port. The average trip to Piraeus lasts 1 hour.
  • Taxis are available in front of the airport (around €40 to Athens, €55-60 to Piraeus (depending on the traffic in Kifisos), and take up to 3 or 4 people with small luggage)
  • Rent a car with Discover Cars for reliable, new cars at affordable prices
  • You don’t like driving but love hassle-free solutions? Book a Private transfer with an English-speaking driver from Athens International Airport to Piraeus Ferries, or anywhere else in Greece
  • Are you looking for domestic flights in Greece? Check out the official Aegean Airlines Website.

Where Best to Stay in Athens

If you are looking for the best accommodation in Athens, check out my complete top lists for hotels and apartments:

Did you visit Greece in March? Let me know what you think about visiting Greece in the comments, I’d love to hear whether I managed to get it onto your bucket list! Till next time, Evgenia❤️

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